Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Goodbye my almost dream......ɞ


Happy Thursday! The craziness has finally subsided and I'm so excited to be blogging again! For the next week or two I will hopefully be pumping out 2 blogs a week until I'm back into the swing of things!

I have small, sleepy time blog today for you all since I'm about ready to sleep!

Petite Bowtique has released these insanely adorable, totally perfect and a super snuggly fawn onesies. It comes in 3 colours and I'M SO excited for them. I love all things deer and fawn and yay! They're super cozy and come with a pretty chest and hair bow too! It's just such a great night time PJ set.

For my hair, it's about to be released from Baby Princess! It comes in all colours and shades and it's made for us TDs! It's rigged! It's perfect! It's the cutest high pony ever. I love the bangs, I love the side wisps. It's the perfect addition for your end of summer hair swap out! Must.Have!!

To make my picture perfect, my two deers fro Half-Deer and my favourite snuggle teddy from Boogers!


{Petite Bowtique} Fawn Sleeper Pink
:*BABY*: Hair KATE
jk: Cute Paci's Gatcha - Moon and Stars

+Half-Deer+ Sleeping Deer Fawn - Maple
+Half-Deer+ Sleeping Deer Fawn - Pink
<:*BoOgErS*:> Big Hug Bear Pink

That's it! I will see you this weekend for another update!

xo, Riles......