Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Kitties, Jammies, and Happy New Years Eve…

It doesn't matter what world I’m in, I love kittens and cats! I don’t much like when they are sleeping though… boring! Well, ok they are kinda cute still… but boring! This morning I was up nice and early… earlier than all our kitties. Between my Mommy, sister and me we have a few… mhm, just a few… really just a few! Anyways, I was trying to wake them up but someone must have kept them up late last night cuz they weren't listening to me.

Angel that I am, I got up on their climbing post and modeled my new jammies for you all. I’m mines Mommy’s angel so she got me these adorable jammies for Christmas.

While I was up there I was yelling at the top of my lungs to you all… did you hear me? If not, I will say it again…

*clears her throat and yells*

Best wishes to everyone for a very happy and healthy New Year <3

Mommy’s Angel Jammies with fun “feetie sound effects” by Sweet Tots 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Adding Some Colors (Regular Kids fashion)

Just because it's winter, doesn't mean can't wear colors right?

> Clothes:
Top: ::{u.f.o}:: Incision Short Knit - Pink
Skirt: Tee*fy Edela Buttoned Skirt - Yellow hearts
Legging: Tee*fy Soft Wool Jersey Legging - Pearl
Jacket: ::{u.f.o}:: Buckle Mustang - Fox
Shoes: [DDL] Burning Desire - Pink

> Accessories:
Bag: VCO Canvas Bag - C06
Mouse: !Ohmai Nezumi Mochi Ice Cream
Necklace: (yummy) Bear Charm Necklace - Gold
Hair: Clawtooth Cozie Cutie

> Other:
Pose: {Imeka} Reika - Pose 8

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Owlidays!

{A wise owl sat on an oak; The more he saw the less he spoke; The less he spoke the more he heard;Why aren't we like that wise old bird?}


Hat: =Zenith=Winter Knit Owl Hat - RARE Zenith Fashion
Hair: tram  B429 hair / brown tram
Collar: The Secret Store - Faux Fur Collar Inspiration Point Christmas Hunt 20th to 31th Dec. 2013
Arm Muff: The Secret Store - Suede Muff  Inspiration Point Christmas Hunt 20th - 31th Dec. 2013
Top: .dl. Weekly Onesies (toddleedoo) Des Lunes
Skirt: {PB} Piper Skirt Baby Petite Bowtique
Tights: Dream of Clouds ~ Basic Tights Light Pack Dream
Boots: {BB} Bebe uGGys {chocolate} Babydoll's Boutique


Have Fun! ♥

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

With this being Christmas Eve, I feel the need to veer away from our typical blogs. Second Life is a melting pot for people from all over the world. We are from different cultures and represent many races and religions. I hope that I am accepting of all who cross my path; both in SL and RL. I hope as I blog today, those of you who have different beliefs than me will open your hearts and be accepting of me.

I believe in the reason behind Christmas… the birth of Jesus Christ. I wasn’t born into Christianity but have found myself here. I’ll spare you that long story.

Today my amazing Second Life parents call me their angel. This is not the first time I’ve been given that very special title. I believe in angels. I believe they are messengers sent from God. Today if I may be an angel and bring you blessings of peace, love, happiness and good health, that would make my Christmas the best one ever.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

What you see...

Little Ballerina in White by Jellybeans Toy’s ‘n Stuff 

Angel Wings by Material Squirrel Wings

Nativity Scene – Animated Manger Complete Set by Generazioni 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays! I loove Christmas so so much and I've been so so busy lately and I was going to make this a simple LOTD however, as I was digging through my inventory I came across my favourite photo tool. Teeth! But adorable baby teeth, perfect for photos!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

I got some gift for you! (Regular Kids Fashion)

Christmas is here, and i got some gift for you... Fishes =D.

> Clothes:
Jacket: .:villena:. Fleece Parka- Khaki
Shirt: {mon tissu} Heathered Pullover - Green
Pants: .:villena:. Tucked up Jeans - Red
Shoes: {Sleepy Eddy} Engineer Boots - Grey @ the Arcade

> Accessories:
Hat: RO Festivat - Little Dremmer Boy @ the Arcade
Mittens: VCO Gloves Necklace [Rudol 01] @ the Arcade
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Truth Owl - Black Rare @ the Arcade
Bag: B.C.C Hppy Kuku Backpack - Red @ the Arcade

> Others:
Hair: Magika - Plenty
Pose: Kirin - Midori Pose 2
Sim: Derailed, Crash Boat

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Family Comes in Many Packages

In less than a week, many of us will be celebrating Christmas in our own ways. Last night, though, my SL family had an early Christmas gift… one that got me to thinking about family in SL.

So, what was our gift? Well, yesterday, we had a new addition to the Evans family, but he’s not in the form as some of you may be thinking. Our newest addition is Buck, our family’s loving Clydesdale steed. 

It's not everyday that you see a horse on a sled. This is Buck, in his regular horse form.
You didn't think we just sat around did you?

Yep! He’s a horse avatar and I love it! Buck is kind, gentle, funny, adventurous, and has a heart filled with so much love that he wants to share with those around him. He fits in so perfectly with all of us, and truly belongs.

Ivy in her Alicorn form, with Ron in his previous wolf form
Photo by: Syrah Evans

As you can see in the above picture, though, Buck isn’t our only four-legged family member. Ivy is our family’s beloved Alicorn, although sometimes she will arrive in human form, dog form, or even in the form of a... dragon!!! Always loving and with a beautiful heart, Ivy is a joy to know and love. I’m so happy she’s in our family, and always look forward to spending time with her.

We also have Ron, who is Ivy’s guardian wolf and dear friend. He is hilarious and always makes me laugh. A smile is usually on my face when I’m around Ron, as he has a gift for lighting up a room with his loving and sweet personality.

Our family is even larger than this, but I would keep you here forever if I kept going. I think we are a bit unique in some ways. However, I also know that we’re not the only ones with animals who are a part of their families. In RL too, most pets are more than just that… they are family too. So, here in SL, it isn’t much different. 

Family shouldn't have any set rules as to whether individuals belong or not. Family is more than that. It is love and connection through the heart, and if someone is blessed enough to find that, then they should never let differences get in the way. Some of us are adults in SL. Some of us are kids. And, some of us choose to be four-legged individuals. In the end, though, we are all human beings living in this virtual world together. We bring ourselves into this world every single time we log in, and we impact one another in ways that might be even more powerful than in real life at times. So, when we can find people whom we care about in this virtual world, why not embrace the time we can have with each other and use it for good? We all have a gift all year round within Second Life... the gift of togetherness. Sometimes it can be difficult and painful, but so many times it can bring happiness. And, of course it can sometimes be salvation when our real lives are crumbling in some way. Family in SL doesn't degrade our real life. In some ways, I think it can even save it. 

I think the best way to close this post this week is with Buck’s words after he was officially welcomed into our family.

Of course, I've felt like family every time I've come over. :)

Buck and Ivy (in her dog form)

Merry Christmas, to all of you who celebrate it!

What I'm Wearing:
Picture on the Sled
- Outfit: Buttons & Bows "Santa Baby" TD outfit
- Hat: Muddy Buddies "Santa's Best Buddy Santa Hat"
- Shoes: Razzberry Inc. "Rudy Sneaks" - Limited Edition from the Kids' Winter Festival 2013
- Hair: Amacci Hair "Thea" - Dark Brown, Amacci Bald Base
*Sleds were provided from the Calas Winter Sim

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Arctic Friends

These cute mesh avatars are part of a gacha and some have free accesories and clothes to put on :)
They come with AO 

::BB:: Arctic Friends Polar Bear Avatar (Creme)
::BB:: Artic Fox Avatar (snow)


Have Fun! ♥

Hooting in the snow.

Dogs, cats or owls, no matter what kind they are, animals can be best friends for us. They know when we feel down, need a cuddle or want some comfort.

I am wearing...

Hair - TRUTH HAIR Althea -  light blondes by Truth Hawks
Outfit with shoes - {C*K} Estelle Toddleedoo Outfit by Candii Kitten @ Heritage Snow days winter festival
Pet - ::BB:: Artic Friends Snow Owl (creme) RARE by suetabulous Yootz
Thank you Kai for the Owl.

Location - Heritage Adoption agency and child wonderland

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tiny Trains and Candy Canes!

Hi, everyone! Are you worn out from Christmas preparations already? I am gettin' there for sure! Today I took a break from wrapping presents for some friends to play with a train my Dad bought - and finally got to wear some of my cozy stuff from the Candy Cane Lane gatcha event. If you haven't been, you have to check it out. There's a little bit of everything there - clothes, toys, accessories, books - and everything is transfer, so it's great to find fun little stocking-stuffers for people on your list. :)

Here's my look of the day, plus some info about the decorations, too!

Hair: tram C407 hair / brown (moca Loup)
Hairbow: [Atooly] The Kenzi Headband - Dark Teal Polka Dot (rockstarroo GossipGirl)
Sweater: Turducken - Reindeer Sweater - Navy (Alkatraz Constantine) *At Candy Cane Lane*
Shorts: Little Closet - Stone Wash Denim Shorts (IxiNoel Resident)
Boots: *LD* Bianca Boots (Lika Meili) on Marketplace, here.
Tights: Petite Bowtique - Desert Knights Tights (Manuela Wardark) *At Candy Cane Lane*
Glasses: NACH Glasses Black (Nancy Chatterbox) *At Candy Cane Lane*
Toy Train: CONSTRUCT Furniture (Cat Carfango) - it really goes round and round!

Christmas! T minus seven days - did you write to Father Christmas yet? I did!

xoxo, Gemma
 (P.s. That's my piano lesson stuff in the background - I should probably practice more than I do, which is never.)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Do You Love Gatchas????

The Woodland Treasures Gatcha is a monthly themed gatcha event that is lots of fun. Another family friendly event with lots of stuff for kids! 

I’m not much of a shopper… it’s true. I keep telling people I’m different. But, I couldn't resist shopping at this month’s Woodland Treasures. That in itself is proof that there is stuff you just have to have. 

*Shameless plug here*
I made these really cute snowglobes with particles that go on and off when you touch them. 

*end of shameless plug*

So, today I got up and after a few good stretches…

I put on my new ice skates and went out to our own lil frozen pond and tried them out. It was lots of fun.

What you see...

Snowmen at Woodland Treasures entrance are the December item offered by Marmelade

Winter Snowglobes - December Woodland Treasures item by Rainbow Promises

Picture in my room:

Rainbow Jammies - December Woodland Treasures item by Pix N Mix

Wardrobe is part of my bedroom set by NACH Homes and Furnishings 

HPMD Stuffed Rabbit from HPMD Main Store 

Other items are from previous Arcade's or custom made.

Ice skating picture:

Sweater - December Woodland Treasures item by Kaysha’s Closet 

Jeans by Larnia Kids  

Ice Skates – December Woodland Treasures item by Luv U More

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Texting Santa My List (Regular Kids Fashion)

We are getting closer to christmas, and i still need to tell Santa what i want.
The whole letter thing is neat, but texting is faster and im sure some of the elfs are high-techs and got cellphones, right?
So me and my friends, Pierre, Shadow and Nibbler made the list and took a selfie to add to it, so Santa doesn't give it to the wrong peeps, you know ... making sure.
Anyway, if someone else get my text you can still send me my gifts. K, Thanks =D.


> Clothes:
Shirt: .:Villena:. Denim Shirt - Black
Pants: .:Villena:. Loose Pants - Gold Print
Shoes: littlebones Unity Studded Flat - Black
Hair: Truth Hair - Hollona - Ginger

Hat: 8f8 Racoon Hat @ The Arcade
Necklace: (NO) Vintage Portrait Necklace - Buddy
Phone: VCO Bunny Phone - Rare 3

> Decoration:
Bear: <:*BoOgErS*:> Pierre Bear @ The Arcade
Pony: ~silentsparrow~ Pwonie (Shadow)
Mouse: Intrigue Co. Plushie Pals: Nibbler the Mouse @ The Arcade
Chair: AF Milan Lounge (Antique Leather)
Tree: LAQ Decor ~Christmas Tree~ Gold

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Zombies on Ice

Ah, the wonderful season of the holidays. Fresh white snow covering the ground, the sight of wonderment everywhere you look, and the distinct and comforting sound of…

Photo by Gemma Morland

… a zombie slaughter taking place on a frozen lake.

Just the average day in December, when you’re dealing with little kids who are packing heat, and parents who beam with pride at their skills.

Last night, it all started off so “innocent” as my friend, Lillie (and fellow blogger), stated in a plurk post. Yet, somehow and in some way, our evening of snow ball fights, ice skating and drinking hot chocolate, turned into an evening of trying to kill each other first, then combining forces against the invaders from the dead.

If only I could remember how it began… oh wait… that’s right!

“Gemma: Summer has equipped me with The Power... Bewaaare.”

Yes, now I remember clearly. Those are the exact words my friend, Gemma (and fellow blogger), said before the battle began and all chaos let loose. None of us could have expected what was to come next, though. 

We were soon attacked by multitudes of zombies who chased us, until one-by-one we used our "power" and they dropped into what can only be described as a pile of broken lego men. No really, they fell down and into pieces with like arms here and like legs and stuff over there. It was totally gross, but quite satisfying in our victory too. 

It was a dire situation for a while. The walkers… err… zombies, threatened to take over the world and ruin this beautiful season. But, we couldn’t have any of that. So, five kids and three adults took on the almost insurmountable task of destroying the dead as they returned to earth with a hunger for avatar mesh!

However, you need not fear. "We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive!" And, we will do so because Lillie, Gemma, Adalia, Elia, Nina, Syrah, John and yours truly saved the day today, and will again when needed.

* Any exaggerations in this post are merely coincidental in their occurrence.

Important Stuff:
Hair: Amacci Hair "Thea" (Dark Brown), Amacci Bald Base
Shirt: Kaysha's Closet - Reindeer Sweater (Kid size), from the December 2013 Woodland Gacha
Pants: ToddleeDudes "Firebird 'Black' Track Pants 
Ice Skates: Luv U More - "Snowflake Skates" from the December 2013 Woodland Gacha
Hat: Muddy Buddies - Santa's Best Buddy Christmas Hat
Weapon: SciLab - Wooden Pump Shotgun
Zombies: Wizardry and Steamworks: Zero Store - "Zombie Shooting Game - Rezzer - Jute" (Newer/updated version is now available.)

*Quote: Independence Day (1996)

Friday, December 13, 2013

Let it Snow, Let it snow!

Hi everyone!   This is going to be a quick post today, but I've been wanting to blog this stuff for awhile now.  I went down to Heritage Snow Days Festival and picked up some adorable things that I know you all will adore!  First is this cute shimmery silver outfit from Baby Pie.  It is so pretty and has a big snowflake on the front of this comfy looking sweater.  I also picked up this nail polish hud from Petite Bowtique for Fifty Linden Friday today.  It has a silverish base color with different color snowflakes to pick from!   Also, at Heritage Snow Days, is this adorable chalkboard pose prop from .click.  I absolutely love this!  The creator of .click., Gracie Breuer, has opened a new store called .trinket. which so far has a gatcha featuring dainty animal silhouette rings.  There are a variety of animals and each are in three metal tones, silver, rose gold, and mixed metals.  I'm wearing the deer ring rare in silver and the cat ring in rose gold!  Be sure to check out Heritage Snow Days because there are so many stores selling adorable items!  As you can see most of the items I'm wearing for today's blog feature snowflakes.  I love snowflakes so much.  I find them very special because they represent so much to me.  They are each completely different and delicate.  It reminds me that even though life may be difficult and complicated sometimes, we should never give up because there is pure beauty still left in the world.  Each tiny snowflake is a representation of that.

What I am wearing:

Skin:  .::Mother Goose's::.Alison_01
Eyes: IKON Spectral Eyes - Clarity @Fameshed
Hair:  [LOVE SOUL] Hair*139*White Blonde
Lashes:  the kid company. lashes. natural.
Freckles:  {Sugar Heart} Sweetheart Speckles ~ Cheeks
Chilly Face:  :>Inner Peace<: Chilly Face
Outfit:  *Baby Pie* Arctic Snow Days Outfit @Heritage Snow Days Festival
Ring: .trinket. deer silhouette ring - silver rare   Gatcha @Heritage Snow Days Festival
Ring:  .trinket. cat silhouette ring - rose gold  Gatcha @Heritage Snow Days Festival
Hair Accessories:  [Love Soul] Hair Accessory*BEAR-WH*
Nail Polish:  {Petite Bowtique} Snowflake Nail Polish  FLF item
Pose and Prop:  .click. Let It Snow! @Heritage Snow Days Festival
Sim: Small Town Green

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Little Girls with Big Dreams

{You know you're a dancer when you practice a routine in your head at all times}

Hair: .ploom. Vanellope - Browns ploom
Shirt and Pants: -Marmelade- Simple Bow - Pink Marmelade
Socks: -Marmelade- Legwarmer - Pink Marmelade
Shoes: {Petite Bowtique} Serenity Sneaker Pattern Petite Bowtique


Ballet Barre: * AR * - Hannah - Ballet stage *AR*
Teddy:  <:*BoOgErS*:> Ballerina Bear The Arcade

Have Fun!♥

Frozen breath

Breath your happiness into the cold air. Even though it is frozen, it will make your heart warm inside.

I am wearing...

Hat - =Zenith=Winter Knit hat (Black) @ The Chapter Four
Hair - [e] Play 2 - Blonde 05 by Elikatira *Retired*
Outfit and shoes - Minuet - Casie Outfit - Black Damask @ Heritage Gift Shoppe
Ring - .trinket. dog silhouette ring - rose gold @ Heritage Snow days festival

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Color Me Monthly Market...

The Color Me Monthly Market is a monthly event that features designers who create items that are family friendly. The market began in September 2013 and has become increasingly more popular each month. In December, the Color Me Monthly Market moved to a new location and the sim is gorgeous!

Each month the designers are given a new color from which they are to base their creation. The color for December is red and here are some of the December items:

Chrismas Tea Time by Marmelade

  Candy Cane Snowglobe by Rainbow Promises

 Nerdy Santa Monkey Hat by Muddy Buddies

 My First Set of Wheels by Little Lamb

 Reindeer Games Outfit by Razzberry

A Very Minnie Xmas by Lil Cathy's

Christmas 'tude' Outfit by Pix 'N' Mix

Holiday Dress by That's so Kyoot

Kenzi Outfit by Petite Bowtique

Merry Christmas Candy Cane by Precious Plaques

 Molly Jumper by CutieCakes

 Snowman Outfit by Baby Bunny Clothing Co.

Tis the Season Christmas Bedset by Small World Furniture

If you are a designer and are interested in joining the Color Me Monthly Market, there are applications located at the front of the market. There is no fee to participate.

While at the market, be sure to check out the shops on the sim. Four of our bloggers have shops on the sim – SunAnn’s shop Marmelade, Summer’s shop Muddy Buddies, Gemma’s shop Tiny Gems, and my shop Rainbow Promises.

And away I ride off to see Santa with my:

Snowman Outfit (December market item) – Baby Bunny Clothing Co. 

Nerdy Santa Monkey Hat (December market item) – Muddy Buddies 

My First Set of Wheels (December market item) – Little Lamb