Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dreaming of Spring (Regular kids fashion)

Winter is cool, but i cant wait for spring to come back, all the pretty colors and the birds singing.

> Clothes:
Shirt: BCC Over the Rainbow - Peach
Skirt: (Milk Motion) lace and quilted skirt - white
Shoes: BCC Shneeballen Mary Jane - Beige

> Accessories:
Headpiece: [tea.s] Blossom Tiara - White
Necklace: [tea.s] Star Key Necklace - Rose
Plush: ~silentsparrow~ (Charlie) Pwnie hold

> Others:
Hair: [Lelutka] Sato Hair
Pose: .::Kirin::. Rumi - Pose 8
Sim: Alirium

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Camp Orientation...

It’s almost camp!!!! I’m so excited. Today I realized that the “Camp Bear Buddy’s” had never been to camp before and they might be a bit nervous. So I held a lil camp orientation for them.

They really were great listeners… not a peep out of them. I explained that their job is to keep the campers and counselors company. They now know that some of us may feel a lil homesick while at camp, and will need to hold and snuggle them to get over that feeling.

I think we are all ready to go now!

What you see -

Pants and Shoes by Muddy Buddies 

Onesie by Sunberry

Camp Bear Buddy’s (Rez and Hold Versions) by Rainbow Promises

Sim – Goober Town (Shops, Color Me Monthly Market, Resale Barn, and more) 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Decisions, Decisions..

It hasn't stopped snowing yet, on Outer Island where my Dad and i live. It's fun for a while, being cozy indoors - hot cocoa by the fire, reading stacks of books for hours, snuggling, hearing stories, baking, crafts, lots of things! But now.. now i'm going stir~crazy. Do you know how that feels, right about now? i'm trying to decide if i should brave the weather. i put my scarf on, and my coat. The barnyard animals are all out there, enjoying the brisk weather thoroughly. Can you see them?

i should just be brave, shouldn't i?

Credits under the cut!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Another farewell

It has been already 4 years 8 months since I came to Second Life. And it was just less than 2 months later that I got to know about kids community. When I decided to be a kid in SL, there were couple of big kids fashion stores like Babydolls Boutique, Chelsea's Children's Clothing, Candii Kitten and Larnia. They have been some of those stores I ran to check every new releases. I remember those days I used to hang out with friends at stores. Dancing, talking and just looking around all the cute outfits they released. I met many of my great friends through those stores. Inner Peace by Riley Sapphire was one of those stores. Even though I feel a little bit sad to see it closing, I am glad to know that this is not the end of Inner Peace. As she announced through plurk, she will be back with new brand one day.
And for the next two weeks, Inner Peace is having 50% off sale. If you have any gift card left, it is time to use it before the store closes officially on 20th, January.

Photo by Jennah, words by Marie

Jennah is wearing...
Dress - :>Inner Peace<: Esme
Boots - :>Inner Peace<: White  Leather Wellies

Marie is wearing...
Hair - tram  C407 hair / creamyellow
Turtleneck shirt - from CCC Kyri
Sweat, pants & boots - :>Inner Peace<: Ocean Cozy Knitty Set

Jennah's Hair and tights, Marie's earrings and necklace are not available

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rock Star…

Most parents seem to think their little girls are princesses… especially Daddy’s. Well, this girl is no princess, and I have no qualms about letting anyone who tries to call me one know it. My Papa is a very smart man and only made the princess mistake once… maybe twice. He learned very quickly that I responded much kinder to being called his “rock star”.

Of course I could not resist this Rock Star outfit when I saw it. It comes in black and blue, black and red…. and for the princesses there is even black and pink.

What you see…

Rock Star outfit by Vicarious Youth 

Glasses by *December*

Hair by Love Soul 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

At the Cafe (Regular Kids Fashion)

Just chillin at the cafe.

> Clothes:
Shirt: :NuDoLu: Tunique de lumiere - Peche
Pants .:Villena:. Blue high waisted acid wash skinnies
Shoes: MIEL Varsity kicks laced - Bright

> Accessories:
Necklace: :NuDoLu: Voyage collier de porte carte pastel - Metro
Necklace: *katatOnik* Wonderland pendant - Big Alice RARE
Bag: /XIAJ/ Elephant bag - Pink
Ears: [Auxiliary] Mouse Ears - White 1
Hair: Truth Hair - Mina

> Others:
Pose: .:Kirin Poses:. Awe and Wonder - Pose 1
Sim: Fall - Atelier Kresko

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A New Year in Second Life

It's a few days into the new year now and I am still trying to remember to write "2014" and not "2013" anymore. Two thousand fourteen... 2014... that number sounds crazy to me. Just 14 years ago, people were relieved that Y2K didn't happen like it had been overly hyped. Now, we are well into the second decade of this century and millennia.

My last year in Second Life was an interesting one. Lots of changes came my way, and many of them in the form of new relationships that I'm fortunate to have in my life. And now, I enter this new year of SL with a family, wonderful friends, daily Plurk fun and learning about others, a job as a blogger here, and so much more. I think back to a year ago and how things were for me in SL. I can't believe how much has changed since that first day of 2013. I could have never imagined where I am today, for many reasons with which I won't bore you. I didn't think I'd have what I have right now in SL, and yet I have been blessed with quite a bit.

I wonder what this year will bring to my Second Life. Do you wonder what it will bring to yours?

My brother (*cough* my alter ego *cough*) and I wish you all a wonderful 2014!

What We're Wearing
- Jellybeans "Country Boy" outfit
- BOOM Friendship Bracelet
- Simply ~A~ "I Love You To The Moon and Back" necklace
- Truth Hair "Danni" Dark Browns 01

- Muddy Buddies "Winter Cardigan Vest and Pants Outfit"
- SneeK "Geeky Glasses"
- INK "Hiya" Brown Hair

Pose: Water Sapphire "Jump" pose, by lolite Frog

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Sometimes I miss those non-mesh outfits from all the designers put their own personality into details. With limited number of mesh creators for ToddleeDoos, we don't have as many different styles as we did at that time. Maybe, time to time, could we bring sculpted prims and flexible prims back to our fashion, please?

I am wearing...

Hair - Magika [Hair] Sudden HUD 01 @ Magika
Outfit - Turducken ToddleeDoo - Portia Outfit - Blue @ Turducken