Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Decisions, Decisions..

It hasn't stopped snowing yet, on Outer Island where my Dad and i live. It's fun for a while, being cozy indoors - hot cocoa by the fire, reading stacks of books for hours, snuggling, hearing stories, baking, crafts, lots of things! But now.. now i'm going stir~crazy. Do you know how that feels, right about now? i'm trying to decide if i should brave the weather. i put my scarf on, and my coat. The barnyard animals are all out there, enjoying the brisk weather thoroughly. Can you see them?

i should just be brave, shouldn't i?

Credits under the cut!

On me:
Hair: (Chemistry) Hair - Buttons 2
Scarf: jk: Infinity Scarf - KID - Brown
Coat: jk: Winter Coat - Grey - KID
Pants: [PS] Jess pants - brown
Ring: [tea.s] Little Love - Silver
Shoes: fri. Cotton.Mary Janes - Cocoa

In my room:
Abacus: Zigana . antique abacus
Typewriter: floorplan. typewriter gacha/seafoam
Stepstool: Essential Toys - The Essential Step Stool (Mesh)
Jar of Supplies: Kari - Hobbies in a jar (S)
Bunny Figurines: .lame - Peter Rabbit Figurine
Bookshelf: Alouette - Four Level Bookshelf
Open Book: AF Open Book
Curtains: :CP: Georgie Curtains

Stay warm, guys!


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