Friday, April 24, 2015

Oh don't you dare look back......ɞ

Happy Friday!

We're home from The Forest of much Rain! The end of the week is here and the weekend has arrived! Summer has also arrived for me and I'm so excited! I got to spend a little time with my momma and seastar today too we went to the market!


So, outfit wise, I'm wearing the newest hair from Baby Princess! If you saw my surfing blog, then you saw the rigged mesh hair Baby Princess made, and she's made more and this is just one of the insanely cute styles that she's released! I love the longer pigtails so so much!

For my outfit, it's new form FLRN! The shorts and flowy, summery top! I just love looove the flowers because it gives the whole outfit such a summer touch. It's THE perfect summer outfit right now. For my shoes, I'm wearing my Baby Couture shoes in rose! They're great pair of sandals!

My sister has a great outfit on too! She has no shoes on, because sometimes, we Oleanders roll like that and are rebels, but her jumper is from Petite Bowtique! It too is an amazing summer jumper, and if you're not a fan of blue, I blogged a lighter version about a week ago and there are a ton more colours available! Her hair is an older, but perfect hair from Ploom!

{FLRN} Amy Dress - Version 1
:*BABY*: Hair Bibi - ToddleeDoo
bC - Rose Floral Sandal

{Petite Bowtique} Cate Jumper Blue
.ploom. Madison - Browns

dust bunny . fresh fruit stand . full set
.*Paper Flowers*. ~ Bake Sale Stall Maple
Lark Markers Market Pieces
[DDD] Harvest Bucket - Red Apples
[DDD] Harvest Bucket - Yellow Corn (Spilled)
[DDD] Harvest Bucket - Green Apples (Spilled)
*ionic* The bunnie and the carrots
*ionic* - Veggie Raccoon

If you're looking for my momma's outfit, she blogged it too! Here!

Pose made by us!

That's it! I'll see you this weekend for an update and hopefully a haul blog!
xo, Riles......

Monday, April 20, 2015

Finals week......ʚ.ɞ


Just a tiny heads up to all readers, friends and everyone else!

It's finals week for me, which means I will be studying super super hard. For those who don't know, I will begin nursing school in the fall, so these marks are insanely important for me in keeping my acceptances!

That being said, I will not be blogging this week. But good news! (Depending on how you look at it). I am officially done as of Friday and my summer begins, so loooots more time for blogging!

I hope you have a beautiful week, if you're in school too and taking finals or almost at finals, I hope you have a successful week or weeks! Study hard too and just think, summer is RIGHT around the corner. I will see you all Saturday for a biiiiig haul blog!

Have a beautiful one, and stay lovely!

xo, Riles......ɞ

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

In the Forest of Much Rain; Day 8..................ɞ


Happy Tuesday!

So today I have a small look but it's not just the outfit I'm showing you it's actually a few extra pieces too! I'm still here in the Forest of much Rain with my family! We're spending some extra days here because it's just so amazing.

The one thing I loved about this place, were the sounds. Sometimes, when I'm feeling stressed or need a few seconds to breathe, I find a place that is mainly quiet of people and cars and such, and listen to the other sounds. This place, is on top of a hill and it's covered in butterflies! I sat down with some cool items and just... listened to the sounds of the forest. Calmed me down a lot.

Now, let's start with what's with me! I first off have this really pretty chair I'm leaning against! It's a collaboration between Kuro and Consignment! It's new for C88! It comes in 5 different colours, this white, red, blue, brown and black! There are two versions and I'm of course sitting on the PG version. The pose I'm sitting on is one from the stool too so it fits us super well! (I am using the thinking animation and I use my anyposer to tilt my head back juuuust a little to catch some sun!) It's a great find and I like that the more neutral colours can be super cute for any room really!

The skull you see beside me, it's a little scary but I also like it because I love unique pots for plants! This is by Consignment and from C88 as well!

I'm sure you've noticed the guitar! It's a standing guitar from Boogers and will be out at Shiny Shabby! There are other pieces available from Boogers too! This guitar comes in two versions, leaning and hanging and also in a few other colours! The other pieces I do plan on blogging, but more so once I'm back home, so keep your eyes peeled for that! I like this guitar because it's diverse, it can be placed in a music room, or a living room, or a bedroom... there are so many different areas to place it. It's great a total must have!

For my really pretty purse behind me, its from Turducken! I love purses, and I love that this one, is a clutch purse and little! However, IF you are an adult, there is also an adult version available too, so you kidlets reading this can match your mommy! I like when little accessories like this are made for us, I know I'll be blogging this cute purse again, it's great! Total must have and you can get it if you partake in the WayWard Hunt!

Lastly, but totally not least, my outfit! I have on my favourite hair of course for from D!va because it's really fitting for this vacation but my actual outfit, is from Little Stars! It's a full legged romper and offered in different colours. I love the floral pattern on it and the contrast with the white. It was my favourite one out of the selection. It's great for this place and so so cozy! It's also good for spring, because it's cool for the cooler weather but still warm if you're in the sun! Lastly to top alll that off, my super comfy Lazy Unicorn white flats!


ʚ...........* {.:Little Stars.:} * Steffany Jumpsuit
ʚ...........""D!va"" Hair "Nene" (Brown diamond)
ʚ...........[LU] Laced White Flats

ʚ...........Turducken ToddleeDoo - Vintage Clutch - Cream
ʚ...........[Con.] Skull Plant Pot
ʚ...........Kuro & [Con.] - White Wrapped Stool (PG)
ʚ...........<:*BoOgErS*:> Balalaika Leaning Natural

That's it! I really hope your day is amazing. I won't be blogging tomorrow, however, I will be on Thursday! I do however take photos that I don't blog and put them on my flickr! So if you're wanting to see extra things or vacation photos, feel free to add my to flickr, HERE!
Have a great one, 
xo, Riles....

Saturday, April 11, 2015

In the Forest of Much Rain; Day 5..................ɞ



It's day FIVE! I look a little blogging break to enjoy yesterday!

I went for a more comfy look! It got rainy and windy for a little in the Forest of Rain so I decided to don my SUPER comfy pants from Des. Lunes. I absolutely love these too. They come in a bunch of colours and are totally unisex. They're great for lounge pants, or even jammies! These are new too for La. Boutique, so if you haven't gabbed them, make sure you do!

For my super cute shoes, they're from Lazy Unicorn. They're a pair of cute T-straps and I decided to mix up my look a bit and ad these more, dressy shoes with these pants and they totally work. It's a great look, I think. As you can see these shoes are suuuper versatile!

To top off this super cozy look. My hair is from Argrace and my Tee is a basic T-shirt from Little Closet!


ʚ................des lunes. * cozy pants {in dust}
ʚ...............[LU] Laced White Flats
ʚ...............Little Closet - Basic T-Shirts - White
ʚ...............*ARGRACE* HARUKA - Dark Browns
ʚ...............Pose set by .click.

That's it! I won't be blogging on Sunday! I'm taking another breather day! But, I shall be back on Monday with another vacation look for you!
xo, Riles....

Thursday, April 9, 2015

In the Forest of Much Rain; Day 3..................ɞ


Happy Thursday!

It's day 3 in the Forest of Much Rain! It was a pretty day here, a little rain and super hot so I found some water out of the shade! I'm a little swimmed out so I just hung out by the pool to cool down!

So, my cool down outfit for today's look is mainly from Turducken. There really isn't any rhyme or reason to what I'm putting on this week. It's just kinda what I feel! I put on one of the Turducken Maxi skirts, a white one! I chose it because it's airy and light and perfect for this hot weather! For my crop top, also from Turducken, was chosen because it too is light and neither of the two pieces attract the sun! I love crop tops, on us TDs but mainly when I have on a high wasted something on the bottom.

For my shoes, no shoes, but the noddles feet flowers in red and for my beautiful flower hair, D!va!


ʚ...........Turducken ToddleeDoo - Sheer Maxi Skirt - White
ʚ...........Turducken ToddleeDoo - Pattern Crop Top - Crown
ʚ...........Noodles - Lil Rose Barefoot Sandals TD Baby Secret
ʚ...........""D!va"" Hair "Mayumi3" (Brown diamond)

That's it! I will see you all tomorrow for Day 4!
xo, Riles....

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

In the Forest of Much Rain; Day 2..................ɞ

It's Wednesday! YAY!

Day two in the Rain Forest! It's super warm here but so so amazing! After exploring with amazing family last night, I decided to don my favourite Safari outfit from Lil Big Me and go a wandering again on my own. Oh gosh, it's just amazing here, there is so much to see and so many little nooks and crannies! I also realized that I'm not realllllyyy good with stairs and prefer to jump down, it's just faster! Also along the way I saw some amazing animals and beautiful birds from Ispachi, I even have two on my hat! They are really friendly! I did remember to wear a hat though, just to keep myself safe from the sun! Lastly, my prettiful hair is amaaaazing and one of my favourites from Tram (I loove the curls)!


ʚ..........{Lil Big Me} Safari Princess
ʚ..........tram  C606 hair / brown&black

That's it, short and sweet today but a perfect Safari look for any Rain Forest!
Have an amaaaazing day and see you tomorrow!
xo, Riles....

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

In the Forest of Much Rain; Day 1......ɞ

Happy Tuesday!

So we arrived at the Rain Forest yesterday! I was so excited and oh my gosh it's so so sooo amazing! I took a little time to explore and I found so many amazing views. To do my exploring, I decided to take my board out. There aren't waves really but it's so so perfect to paddle to places with since there is a lot of pretty rivers and streams! So I grabbed my Piglet puppy from Silent Sparrow and we went-a-lookin'!

For my outfit, I have on a pretty new swim suit from Petite Bowtique!It's great for swimming in and super cute! I have on the blue one with the bows from the pink version! For my hair, it's new as well! AND ANNNND it's rigged mesh! They're new from BABY and there are TWO and they fit us!! I'm super super excited for these!! I can't wait to see what's next! Hurry gooo get yours!!

For my pose, it's from a set by click! I'm using number 2, and lastly, my favourite flower crown form Half Deer!


ʚ.The Look
ʚ.........{Petite Bowtique} Fawn Bikini {Blue set & Pink bows}
ʚ.........:*BABY*: Hair Sarah - ToddleeDoo - Browns
ʚ.........+Half-Deer+ Forest's Tale - Flower Crown
ʚ.........~silentsparrow~ Weenie - Scout
ʚ Surfboards!

That's it! I'll see you tomorrow for Day 2!
xo, Riles.....

Monday, April 6, 2015

A little La Boutique..........ɞ

Happy Monday!

I hope your week has started off amazingly well!

So my family is headed to the rain forest tonight! I needed to pick an outfit to wear on the plain! Running over to La Boutique, I grabbed a few super cute pieces and put together two looks that I thought were airplane appropriate!


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!......ɞ


Have a beaituful and amazing Easter! I hope you all get to spend time with someone you love, whether it's in world or out, enjoy the ones you love! Happy Easter from me to you and your family!


ʚ............Turducken ToddleeDoo - Bunny Jumper - Easter 2015 {Group Gift}
ʚ.............ploom. Vanellope - Browns
ʚ............+Half-Deer+ Velven Bunny Ears {Stardust Blue}
ʚ............Turducken ToddleeDoo - Floral Easter Gown {Basket Only}

Ps. My family (in SL) will be heading on vacation! I'll be doing things a little differently and blog a few looks, but looks fit for the Rain Forest! So stay tuned!
xo, Riles....

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter look no.2.........ɞ


Happy Saturday!

I have a short and Eastery look for you today! Super simple but perfect for that day tomorrow!


So for today's look- for Easter, I slipped into another beautiful gown! This one is from Petite Bowtique! It comes in a bunch of different colours, and I'm wearing the rainbow one! Its a beautiful and softly coloured dress. It's perfect for the fun day with your family! Or, if you ahve another event, it's great for that too!

I also put on my new Pandy Charm set form Tea Soup! It' insanely adoooorable and if you love pandas, then this is definitely for you! It comes with a set of earrings, a necklace and a ring. You can't really see much of it in the photo above, so I've included a closer shot with my hands down, below so yo can see more of the detailing!

To finish off this look, I and wearing my Easter basket from the Turducken limited gown, carrying two of my amazingly cute friends from Alchemy/Birdy and finalizing this look with my faavourite hair form diva. My headband, from the Petite Bowtique dress!

(Closer look at the Tea Soup set!)


The Look
ʚ.........{PB} Tulip Gown Rainbow 
ʚ.........[tea.s] Pandy Charm Set {Earring and necklace}
ʚ.........Turducken ToddleeDoo - Floral Easter Gown {basket only}
ʚ.........Birdy/Alchemy - Spring Babes - Ducky - Winter
ʚ.........Birdy/Alchemy - Spring Babes - Fawn RARE

That's it! I hope your Easter is wonderful and lovely! Have a joyous one! I'll see you tomorrow for a quick and happy Easter post!
xo, Riles....

Thursday, April 2, 2015

A little bit of Easter, April rain and La Boutique.....ɞ

Happy weekend! 
I have a bunch of different things from different events here today! Something for everyone! So.. check it out!