Friday, April 24, 2015

Oh don't you dare look back......ɞ

Happy Friday!

We're home from The Forest of much Rain! The end of the week is here and the weekend has arrived! Summer has also arrived for me and I'm so excited! I got to spend a little time with my momma and seastar today too we went to the market!


So, outfit wise, I'm wearing the newest hair from Baby Princess! If you saw my surfing blog, then you saw the rigged mesh hair Baby Princess made, and she's made more and this is just one of the insanely cute styles that she's released! I love the longer pigtails so so much!

For my outfit, it's new form FLRN! The shorts and flowy, summery top! I just love looove the flowers because it gives the whole outfit such a summer touch. It's THE perfect summer outfit right now. For my shoes, I'm wearing my Baby Couture shoes in rose! They're great pair of sandals!

My sister has a great outfit on too! She has no shoes on, because sometimes, we Oleanders roll like that and are rebels, but her jumper is from Petite Bowtique! It too is an amazing summer jumper, and if you're not a fan of blue, I blogged a lighter version about a week ago and there are a ton more colours available! Her hair is an older, but perfect hair from Ploom!

{FLRN} Amy Dress - Version 1
:*BABY*: Hair Bibi - ToddleeDoo
bC - Rose Floral Sandal

{Petite Bowtique} Cate Jumper Blue
.ploom. Madison - Browns

dust bunny . fresh fruit stand . full set
.*Paper Flowers*. ~ Bake Sale Stall Maple
Lark Markers Market Pieces
[DDD] Harvest Bucket - Red Apples
[DDD] Harvest Bucket - Yellow Corn (Spilled)
[DDD] Harvest Bucket - Green Apples (Spilled)
*ionic* The bunnie and the carrots
*ionic* - Veggie Raccoon

If you're looking for my momma's outfit, she blogged it too! Here!

Pose made by us!

That's it! I'll see you this weekend for an update and hopefully a haul blog!
xo, Riles......


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