Wednesday, April 8, 2015

In the Forest of Much Rain; Day 2..................ɞ

It's Wednesday! YAY!

Day two in the Rain Forest! It's super warm here but so so amazing! After exploring with amazing family last night, I decided to don my favourite Safari outfit from Lil Big Me and go a wandering again on my own. Oh gosh, it's just amazing here, there is so much to see and so many little nooks and crannies! I also realized that I'm not realllllyyy good with stairs and prefer to jump down, it's just faster! Also along the way I saw some amazing animals and beautiful birds from Ispachi, I even have two on my hat! They are really friendly! I did remember to wear a hat though, just to keep myself safe from the sun! Lastly, my prettiful hair is amaaaazing and one of my favourites from Tram (I loove the curls)!


ʚ..........{Lil Big Me} Safari Princess
ʚ..........tram  C606 hair / brown&black

That's it, short and sweet today but a perfect Safari look for any Rain Forest!
Have an amaaaazing day and see you tomorrow!
xo, Riles....


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