Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cause even the stars they burn, some even fall to the Earth.....ɞ


Hey! Happy Friday! So I have a little tiny LOTD for you today! It'll be my last blog until May 6th! I'm headed away for 9 days so I won't see you guys for a while! So this is just a tiny cozy blog since I've been feeling all cozy and comfy lately.

I put on this cozy, soft little outfit today! Both the top and bottom are from Snips & Snails! The god thing about this (Boys & Girls) is it's pretty gender neutral! As you can see, I'm wearing the pieces but it's totally something a boy can wear! So it's wonderful! I coupled it with my favourite Minuet boots, they're just so.... lovely! Then my allll time favourite accessory at the moment my Bicycle bracelet from Trinket and I'm earring that with a thicker tiffany coloured band. Super simple but super comfy look.
For my hair, I have on .Ploom.'s  Madison - Browns. It is amazing adorable on Toddleedoos, I just love looove the curls! It's a complete must have for girl TDs, it comes with the little colour change bow too!

ʚ.Today's Little Look
jk: Baby Nikki Skin - Tone B
.ploom. Madison - Browns

.S&S. Pullover Hoodie - Clay
.S&S. Patched Sweats - Sky
Minuet -  Blue/White Anchor & Sail - Rainboot

.trinket. bicycle bracelet - rose gold (thicker)

That's it. Have an amazing week, and I'll see you as soon as I get back!

xo, Riles....

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Safe and Sound....ɞ


Happy Easter Weekend fashionistas! I have a little bit of a blog for you guys for tonight so just follow me below the cut...

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Show me a smile then.....ɞ

Happy Wednesday! I have a very small LOTD for you all today! I was just messing around a little and this picture happened so I figured... why not! 

Okay so if you haven't already, make sure you hit up Limited 50! The dress I am waiting is from there! It's Little Closet's Ruffle Dress! Only 50 are available, so much sure you grab yours! Also from there, you can't really see it, but Trinket has a cute, simple peace sign bracelet that comes in different metals with a colour change band. It's called peace sign bracelets! It's cute and sweet- there is a TON of great limited stuff there, check it ou!! Now the prop I'm on is from Collab88! It's by Flowey and it comes in 4 different colour options and I paired it with the flowers by VCO from The Seasons Story and the adorable Pully Puppy toy By Marmelade called  Pull Along Friend - Polux The Doggy! Oh it's so so cute and can be found at The Fictions & Fables Event!

ʚ.What's up
jk: Baby Nikki Skin - Tone B
[ 69 ] JESSICA 02 - Ash Brown Collection

Little Closet - Ruffle Dress - Limited 50 Edition

.trinket. peace sign bracelets
flowey. air chair / watercolor blush
Marmelade - Pull Along Friend - Polux The Doggy
VCO - Romantic Bouquet (yellow rose)

ʚ.Events Mentioned

That's all! Nothing too too crazy! I hope your day is wonderful and beautiful! Have an amazing one!
xo, Riles....

Monday, April 14, 2014

Would you let me see beneath your perfect....ɞ

Happy Monday! It's rainy here and I'm still feeling a little under the weather so I figured, I'd brighten it all up a little and do a summery/springy kind of blog. It's going to be a super short one, but I hope you find something that works for you!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Two (sheep) for tea.

You wouldn't think sheep would like strawberry tart, would you? i didn't think so either, until i set up a little tea-party-minus-tea for my stuffed animals. i carefully cut pieces from the tart, served them neatly onto plates, and was about to pass them around, when i noticed there were two more animals than i started with, and these ones were snuffling sheepishly (ha!) as they inched closer and closer to our little table. Quickly, i tried to shield my baby chick from certain death (not really!) and nearly dumped my ice cream all over the table - it would have served those sheep right if it landed on them instead! 

Friday, April 11, 2014

What makes you different... Makes you beautiful.....ɞ

Happy Friday! Gosh I'm so happy it's Friday. Aren't you?! Okay so I've been sick for the last 2 days or so, however when I logged in today there was a bunch of cuteness I definitely thought you all should see. So I put together two small looks for you guys!


Okay so for the first look, seeing as it's April, it's raining! So I grabbed my super awesome and cozy rainboots from Minuet! They're from the Family Flea Market and they're rigged mesh for our little feet. There are so many options in colours. I'm wearing my Anchor ones to mach my other Minuet item from the Family Flea Market, my beach sweater! Now what I did notice about both items is they can be unisex. The boots come in quite a few gender neutral colours which I think is pretty great and the sweaters are all gender neutral, as you can see! I just paired mine with a pair of Turducken leggings but they go great with jeans or shorts too! My hair as you've noticed I'm sure is insanely cute. It's from Magika and released today, called Shimmer! It's actually a version of her other slightly older/new hair that had rigged pigatils- so it works awesome on us, it's resizable and unrigged. Thank you Magika! Very fast, my umbrella, by BOOM, it's actually what has made most of the rain in my photo! So photographers, it's a pretty fun rain tool!

My second look is more of a summery look but bright and cozy! The full outfit is from Chelsea's Children Clothing. One of the original stores for us kids. She's just recently moved her store and the link to that is below. Her entire new release is toddleedoo and so bright and colourful. I love bright and pretty, don't get me wrong I adore pastels- but lately there is sooo much pastel happening, that the bright summery colours and so welcome! The outfit I am wearing is called CCC Marcy! My hair is actually from The Season Story event that opened yesterday. It's called Fluer by Truth and it's unrigged. Now good news, I feeeel we may be seeing some more unrigged hair from Truth in the near future, maybe and I'm so so excited for it! So make sure you grab this hair! Lastly, my little bublebee! MishMish has out a super cute bumbleebee that flies around your head. Toddleedoos, I found it floated a little high for me, so I just edited it to make it lower, now it flies around my face! woo! It's for 50L friday so make sure you grab it TONIGHT!!


ʚ.What I'm wearing
jk: Baby Nikki Skin - Tone B
Magika [01] Shimmer

Minuet -  Blue/White Anchor & Sail - Rainboot
Minuet - Vintage Hoodie - Navy Pacific Nautical

.trinket. hand stamped bracelet - peace silver
*BOOM* Rain no rain umbrella. (alpaca)

jk: Baby Nikki Skin - Tone B
TRUTH HAIR Fleur -  browns

CCC Marcy - Baby & Kid Toddledoo

*MishMish* A Bumblebee Friend
jk: Cute Paci's Gatcha - Moon and Stars

ʚ.Events Mentioned

There you have it! Have an amazing weekend and happy shopping!
xoxo, Riles....

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A most eggcellent hunt! :)

i hope you all saw Riley's awesome post from yesterday about the LBM Easter Festival. Along with the shops she featured, they've also got.. an Easter Egg Hunt! i woke up super early this morning and hunted eggs while no one else was there - you guys are going to love these prizes. Sometimes i do hunts and i'm so disappointed with the prizes, but these prizes are awesome, and are things i will definitely use even after Easter. (i couldn't fit everything into one photo - there are FIFTEEN eggs to find! - but i'll tell you below what i grabbed!)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Event Blog: The Easter Festival......ɞ

As promised here we were! April is SUCH a busy month and there is a TON going on and we here at Petites Choux want you to see EVERYTHING! Yesterday I got a super sweet invite to check out the Easter Festival prior to it opening tomorrow! It's such a beautiful place and small but it has a lot to offer!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bit of a Bunny......ɞ


Today is a super tiny little post. I have had these insanely cute Easter baskets by Cooties for a bit now and an egg outfit by Boogers and I've been itching to blog them both- Both items can be found at Woodland Gacha by the way! I couldn't find the perfect outfit to go with them though! Then today, .click. released the cutest little outfit and pose set for Easter. It's at the Fiction & Fables event run by Heritage. My momma showed it to us and said she wanted a photo of us in the outfit! So after I took a very special photo for my beautiful parents, I decided to take a different one and put together a small blog post for you all! So here it is! Short & Sweet!

ʚ.Get the Look
jk: Baby Nikki Skin - Tone B
jkb: Bunny Face
tram  C606 hair / brown

.click. Bunny - Pink
<:*BoOgErS*:> Egg Outfit Peach

~_* Cooties *_~ Bunny Basket Pink
~_* Cooties *_~  Loop Basket Natural
~_* Cooties *_~  Squiggle Basket Brown
.click.  Bunny 3 *Pose*

ʚ.Events Mentioned

That's it! I hope you have an amazing Tuesday! I'll be back tomorrow with a special Easter event blog for a small Easter festival opening on Thursday, so stay tuned!

xo Riles....

Monday, April 7, 2014

Show 'em what you're made of.....ɞ

Happy Monday world! So today I have a small blog for you, but it's a skin one and I'm SO excited to share these with you. 


On the brink of Spring!

i'm so excited that spring is just around the corner - the snow at our house on Outer Island has just about melted. My Dad says probably by this coming weekend, we will be able to see green again! Even though i love the coziness of winter days spent indoors, i'm looking forward to spring this year - a tiny break from school, ballet class on hiatus, and long summer days where the sunshine seems to last forever. There are also some great events going on right now - i've put together three outfits to showcase some of the stuff you can find there. And of course, all the details are below. :)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fashion Packed .001- April Haul....ɞ

Oh my gosh! Has the first week of April been a busy week! Each time I sat down to blog, another event would be opening so I decided to do an April Haul! Basically, I hit up 'hopefully' every event and grabbed a bunch of stuff and here it all is! I'll make sure to keep it short winded and straight to the point!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

She will never turn her back on her friends....ɞ


So I'm sure you have allll have been hearing about this Cutie Moon Fair. My last blog had a little preview of the stuff from Cooties. There was a lot of excitement around it and let me tell you. It is exactly what it's cracked up to be. If you are a Sailor Moon fan or really even if you haven't watched it, you'll LOVE this fair. There is so much. So this is my first post of 2 I've planned with stuff from the event!

For this post I grabbed my Sissy and a bunch of friends to give me a hand! (Thank you Oceana, Tess, Sophie and Payton!) Now, we've all got on the outfits from Sugar & Spice, they cannot be found at the fair however you can get them from the store and they're available for Toddleedoos! From the Cutie Moon Fair, we're all wearing the bows from Noodles! Noodles did bows for every sailor scout, more then the original 5! It's a gacha and the so so cute. I really love the bows! In my hand (I'm sailor Venus) I'm wearing one of the Sailor Moon props available! It's Spiral Heart Rod - Venus 
 from The Sugar Garden! It's so so sooo coool! It does things like emit hearts and make cute noises and so so Sailor Moon! On Sailor Moon and I we're wearing two super cute bags from Atomic! They match each Sailor Scouts and mine has the white Sailor kitty and Sailor Moon's has Luna, the black kitty! They're resize too and really fits TDs well! You can't quite see them but on my ears I actually have the little white sailor kitty too as earrings from Noodles from an older Gacha Fair! They're called Noodles - Sailor Kitty White (rare). Last but not least, we have Lunar Kitten  - Black - Blue by Birdy/Alchemy and she floats just above your head as you can see and super cute!


ʚ.On the Sailor Scouts

Sugar & Spice- Sailor Outfits
Turducken- Plain Leggings - Neutral White (Sailor Moon, Mars & Mecury)

.ploom. Vanellope - Browns (Jupiter)
[e] Past - Blonde 07 (Venus)
>TRUTH< Teddy  (Mercury)
/Wasabi Pills/ Marin Mesh Hair - Browns Pack (Sailor Moon)
Sixty Nine- Jessica 02 - light chestnut (Mars)

Noodles- Hairbows
.tsg. Spiral Heart Rod - Venus
.Atomic. Scout Bag {Gacha} - 4 (Venus)
.Atomic. Scout Bag {Gacha} - 1 (Sailor Moon)
Birdy/Alchemy - Lunar Kitten  - Black - Blue


That's it! I do have a few blogs coming up from different events happening so keep your eyes peeled for lots more to come!

xoxo Riles.....