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Fashion Packed .001- April Haul....ɞ

Oh my gosh! Has the first week of April been a busy week! Each time I sat down to blog, another event would be opening so I decided to do an April Haul! Basically, I hit up 'hopefully' every event and grabbed a bunch of stuff and here it all is! I'll make sure to keep it short winded and straight to the point!


So! Here is the first look I put together, kind of flowery and neutral, something perfect for spring! I really like long dresses, I mean I like dresses in general, but I always seem to gravitate towards Maxi dresses! The dress I have on is from Just Kidding, along with the head band across my forehead! The set is called jkb: Free Spirit - Cream Duo and can be found at The Family Flea Market! It comes in a few different prints too but super boho and way cute! As you can see I have flowers on my head! I was actually with Fameshed with my family and saw that Glam Affair put these out. They come in different colours and are so cute (albeit a little big, but I think i made it work!) It's called Glam Affair - Dahlia Headpiece Salmon! Lastly. on my wrists there are two Bracelets. One is from Just Kidding, it's Game of Thrones themed and can be found at At The Little Things and it's called jkb: GoT - My Sun and Stars and the other one is from .trinket. and is called hand stamped bracelet - peace silver, it can be found at Woodland Gacha!


Now, the other day, I did one of my planned posts for the Cutie Moon Fair, this is the second one. It's kind of a mix though. As you can see, behind me I have 3 Sailor Scouts (Jupiter, Mars & Mercury) & Chibi Moon by Vincue! They are actually avatars that can be found at Cutie Moon... buuuuut I bought them wanting them as dolls for my room. Needless to say, they're a little too primmy to be dolls so I thought I'd show them to you in this way! Also from Cutie Mon Fair I have on *MishMish* Cutie Moon - Phone*MishMish* Cutie Moon - Computer... Obviously from MishMish. My leggings are from Jim and she did a set for Toddleedoos (thank you SO much for thinking of us Jim!) and then of course my hair (which I also bought in brown) from Wasabi Pills and can be found at Cutie Moon Fair called /Wasabi Pills/ Chibi Mesh Hair - Jellyfish! I love that it's not rigged, so so much. I got SO excited when I saw it! Last but not least my sweater. It's from Minuet and can actually be found at Woodland Gacha! The sweater is called Minuet - Spring Tee - Meadow Flowers -  BABY! It's really cute!


Last but definitely not least, the last chunk of my haul! For my outfit I am wearing the outfit from Des Lunes!It comes in 3 colours, blue, pink and yellow. I'm wearing the Pink one called .dl. // polkadotted [pink & white]! This can be found at the Family Flea Market along with the .dl. // Albino The Sloth, my little friend hanging off my ride! Now my ride is pretty cool huh? That can also be found at The Family Flea Market. It's by Little Lamb and called Little Lamb - Air Force Too (Floral Coral-WEAR)  RARE. It's waaaaay cute and really detailed! A must have for any kid really. Lastly from the Family Flea Market by Macaroon. Baby Duck Coffee Sippy Cup from Macaroon- to tell you the truth though, it's just lemonade in my sippy cup! I really like it- I thought it was insanely cute! On my wrist, you can't see it too well, but I am wearing a bracelet from .trinket. again called .trinket. bicycle bracelet - rose gold. The strong on it is actually colour change which I really like because I like to be able to match my jewelry to my outfit of course! So make sure you stop by that Family Flea Market! Now, the other event happening right now is the Fit for a Princess! It's exactly what it sounds like, an event featuring princess things! I'm sure you noticed my Tiara! It's from elephante poses and called //elephante poses// If I Can Dream Tiara *Nature Princess*. Each tiara seems to corispond to a different disney princess which is adooorable! Next from Noodles the Noodles - Midnight Coach Candle Rose Gold, which is now in my bedroom but was sitting behind me on my ride! It's a princess coach with a candle in it and so beautiful. The stones hanging from the side are colour change too! Lastly, from Frogster the book! It's called Frogstar - LIAGBG (Princess Ed.) #12 How to Offend Women and it's basically a gacha full of books that are royalty/princess related! You can hold them too! Oh and before I forget, i'm not sure if you can see my knees, but I have a Bicycle wound! You can find those, alone with other kid like tattoo layers at Woodland Gacha, Just Kidding made a bunch of them!

Phew! That's it fashionistas! Below you'll find each item I'm wearing including items I did not talk about, along with the store land marks and the land marks to the events mentioned as well! Happy Shopping!

ʚ.Set #1
Curio- :GP: Pearl-Daisy-Makeup 1-Brunette
~Tableau Vivant~ Gloster Hair - Winter
Slink- Mesh Lids and Lashes

Just Kidding- Free Spirit - Cream Duo

Glam Affair - Dahlia Headpiece Salmon
Just Kidding- GoT - My Sun and Stars
.trinket.- hand stamped bracelet - peace silver
Noodles - Peaceful Daisy Necklace Rose Gold

ʚ.Set #2
/Wasabi Pills/ Chibi Mesh Hair - Jellyfish
Curio- :GP: Pearl-Daisy-Makeup 1-Brunette
[okkbye] Moon Bindi's (yellow)

Minuet - Spring Tee - Meadow Flowers -  BABY
"JIM" Cute Usagi ToddleeDoo Stockings Pink
Little Closet - Gray Denim Shorts

* VinCue ~ Chibi+Moony+Dolly (Mercury, Mars, Jupiter & Chibi)
*MishMish* Cutie Moon - Phone
*MishMish* Cutie Moon - Computer

ʚ.Set #3
Curio- :GP: Pearl-Daisy-Makeup 1-Brunette
[ 69 ] JESSICA 02 - Ash Brown Collection

.des lunes. // polkadotted [pink & white]

.des lunes. // Albino The Sloth
Little Lamb - Air Force Too (Floral Coral-WEAR)  RARE
Macaroon. Baby Duck Coffee Sippy Cup from Macaroon
.trinket. bicycle bracelet - rose gold
//elephante poses// If I Can Dream Tiara *Nature Princess*
Noodles- Midnight Coach Candle Rose Gold
Frogstar - LIAGBG (Princess Ed.) #12 How to Offend Women
Just KiddingOuchies and Oopsies TD APPLIER- Biking Accident RARE

ʚ.the events

See you later fashionistas!
xo, Riles.....


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