Monday, April 14, 2014

Would you let me see beneath your perfect....ɞ

Happy Monday! It's rainy here and I'm still feeling a little under the weather so I figured, I'd brighten it all up a little and do a summery/springy kind of blog. It's going to be a super short one, but I hope you find something that works for you!


So I went to The Seasons Story event (again) this weekend with my family! I really love this event, it's always so pretty and happy and the stuff there is always great! There isn't a whole ton for toddleedoo, but there are things we can have for decor and 2 hairs we can wear! Before I get started on what I'm wearing and such, there is actually a cute set from Floorplan there that is definitely something I wanted to shed light on, I'll make sure to blog it later this week, but if you get a chance check it out! 

So back to what I grabbed. I really like it when designers think of us, and while I was shopping I noticed that Kirin poses did pinwheel sets. It's a pretty diverse set of poses, but I really liked that it's totally something we can use! So I grabbed that set and it's what I'm using today! The set is Kirin Poses - My Cute Pinwheel, and there are a bunch of pinwheels to choose from I picked Pink Flowers. It comes with the animations that can go in a pose stand as well as 5 pinwheels with a pose in each one, just in case you're on a SIM that doesn't allow you to rez! But that's not the best part, Kirin Poses actually made a pose for us kids! I used it yesterday but I used it in a different context. We were decorating out eggs actually and I tried it out with my beautiful sister Payton and it worked! In fact it's adorable and you can see the photo HERE on my flickr page. So stop by The Seasons Story and grab the pinwheel set and the pose, it's so cute.


For my outfit I actually threw together 3 pieces (I love piecing outfits together). For my top I'm wearing Minuet - Easter Tank - Lacy Egg Bow in the spirit of Easter coming up! You can grab it at Woodland Gacha. For my necklace it actually comes with an outfit from Little Big Me. The full outfit is wonderfully adorable, but this necklace is such a pretty piece and it's a total must have- the outfit is called .:LBM:. As Time Flys By and it should be out soon. For my super cute skirt, it's from Soken Kids called TD Spring Time Layered Mini Skirt. If you haven't been to Soken Kids, it's mainly Original mesh stuff and it's GOOD quality original mesh stuff. Designers they also sell original mesh templates so if you haven't checked it out, there you go! For my hair, it's actually two different hairs put together from Truth. The short bob is called Harriet and the little buns are from Maisy! Now Maisy is a longer rigged style, however I assure you the buns are separate and can be worn like this and actually, I've worn it with a couple other hairs too! It's a really cute piece to have!

That's it! Make sure you read a little longer to see where you can grab the awesome pieces featured in this blog!


ʚ.On Riley
jk: Baby Nikki Skin - Tone B
TRUTH HAIR Maisy  (The buns)
Slink Mesh eyelids

.:LBM:. As Time Flys By- Watch Pendant Necklace
[SKL] TD BABY Spring Time Layered Mini Skirt
Minuet - Easter Tank - Lacy Egg Bow - BABY

Kirin Poses - My Cute Pinwheel Pink Flowers (Poses 2 & 4)
.trinket. bicycle bracelet - rose gold
.trinket.  hand stamped bracelet - peace silver

ʚ.Events Mentioned

There you go, have a wonderful Monday and look! The sun's coming out!

xo, Riles....


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