Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's time to see what I can do, to test the limits & break through....ɞ

Happy Tuesday Fashionistas!


I'm so so soooo excited for today's blog, like super excited. There as been. word going around the kid Community that Truth may in fact be making all new hairs, unrigged. For us toddleedoos, that's a BIG deal. Toddleedoo was a big step for us in the kid world and it was such an amazing step for us because it allows us to be smaller and also allowed us all to be different in our size choice (rather then being as small as you can with the regular SL body)- with this whole new mesh world that... it posed some problems for us too. Those who aren't familiar with our little TD bodies; we're not able to wear mesh rigged hair. Which really limited us in our hair choices. We could really only wear hairs that came to our shoulders and were unrigged or pony/pigtails that weren't rigged and again, to our shoulders. However! The day is here beautiful TDs. Truth has released 2 new hairs both in rigged AND unrigged options. One is longer then our shoulders. We can finally 'grow' our hair out (so to speak).

So the first hair I was to show you, made me chuckle and I'm so glad it's a thing because I'm really looking forward to being able to wear it during spa things with my mom and sister! It's called Elyse and it's curlers (I wear my hair in the brown option he has offered and I choose the darkest brown when selecting my colour). I really haven't seen a set of curler hair since Tiny Bird with the pop cans wayyy back when (which I faithfully still have). But these ones are mesh and cute and are easily sizable and really just great. They aren't however the only ones, Ploom and Milk also made some cute ones too- so shout out to those! I paired this hair with Baby Pie's Gaby romper! It was out for 50L and it still is! It's available in 3 colours and patterns. I'm wearing the Dark Denim!

Once my curlers were out I braided my hair (and stole one of sissy's headbands)! Truth released this longer side braided hair called Betsy! It is easily shrinkable for us little ones and the band is colour change! You're not going to get that 'rigged' effect if that's what you're expecting because rigging for toddleedoos is whole different story, but it is mesh and great quality and just so pretty (and a great change). The one thing I can say is, it doesn't sit IN your shoulder/chest. I noticed that while I was moving around and posing. I had to do no editting to the hair because with nearly every pose it sat in front of the body. Which is heaven! I paired this with another but an older Baby Pie outfit Called Perla. It matched the hair theme perfectly and it's a super cute Maxi skirt set with a tank top. Very beachy/Hippie, I love the bright colours. For the complete outfit information take a look *points down* down below!

ʚ.Today's Looks
ʚ.Set #1.ɞ
TRUTH HAIR Elyse -  browns
jk: Baby Nikki Skin - Tone B

*Baby pie* Gaby - Denim - TD Complete Outfit- Custom Mesh

.trinket. eiffel silhouette set
.trinket. bicycle bracelet - rose gold
*BOOM* Friendship Bracelet (Tiffany) RT
.trinket. hand stamped bracelet - peace silver
Sassafras Kids- Parent/Child Pouf (rare)
LAQ Decor ~ Bathroom Cabinet Sink - White
<:*BoOgErS*:> Sophia Puggeh Bear
<:*BoOgErS*:> Jim Mouse Bear

ʚ.Set #2
TRUTH HAIR Betsy -  browns
jk: Baby Nikki Skin - Tone B

*Baby pie* Perla - Peonies - TD Maxi Skirt Outfit

.trinket. eiffel silhouette set
.trinket. bicycle bracelet - rose gold
*BOOM* Friendship Bracelet (Tiffany) RT
.trinket. hand stamped bracelet - peace silver

That's it! I hope your day goes amazing! Happy Trails!

(I absolutely LOVE this version, it's so cute!)

XO Riles.....


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