Wednesday, April 2, 2014

She will never turn her back on her friends....ɞ


So I'm sure you have allll have been hearing about this Cutie Moon Fair. My last blog had a little preview of the stuff from Cooties. There was a lot of excitement around it and let me tell you. It is exactly what it's cracked up to be. If you are a Sailor Moon fan or really even if you haven't watched it, you'll LOVE this fair. There is so much. So this is my first post of 2 I've planned with stuff from the event!

For this post I grabbed my Sissy and a bunch of friends to give me a hand! (Thank you Oceana, Tess, Sophie and Payton!) Now, we've all got on the outfits from Sugar & Spice, they cannot be found at the fair however you can get them from the store and they're available for Toddleedoos! From the Cutie Moon Fair, we're all wearing the bows from Noodles! Noodles did bows for every sailor scout, more then the original 5! It's a gacha and the so so cute. I really love the bows! In my hand (I'm sailor Venus) I'm wearing one of the Sailor Moon props available! It's Spiral Heart Rod - Venus 
 from The Sugar Garden! It's so so sooo coool! It does things like emit hearts and make cute noises and so so Sailor Moon! On Sailor Moon and I we're wearing two super cute bags from Atomic! They match each Sailor Scouts and mine has the white Sailor kitty and Sailor Moon's has Luna, the black kitty! They're resize too and really fits TDs well! You can't quite see them but on my ears I actually have the little white sailor kitty too as earrings from Noodles from an older Gacha Fair! They're called Noodles - Sailor Kitty White (rare). Last but not least, we have Lunar Kitten  - Black - Blue by Birdy/Alchemy and she floats just above your head as you can see and super cute!


ʚ.On the Sailor Scouts

Sugar & Spice- Sailor Outfits
Turducken- Plain Leggings - Neutral White (Sailor Moon, Mars & Mecury)

.ploom. Vanellope - Browns (Jupiter)
[e] Past - Blonde 07 (Venus)
>TRUTH< Teddy  (Mercury)
/Wasabi Pills/ Marin Mesh Hair - Browns Pack (Sailor Moon)
Sixty Nine- Jessica 02 - light chestnut (Mars)

Noodles- Hairbows
.tsg. Spiral Heart Rod - Venus
.Atomic. Scout Bag {Gacha} - 4 (Venus)
.Atomic. Scout Bag {Gacha} - 1 (Sailor Moon)
Birdy/Alchemy - Lunar Kitten  - Black - Blue


That's it! I do have a few blogs coming up from different events happening so keep your eyes peeled for lots more to come!

xoxo Riles.....


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