Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cooties Catcher...ɞ

Happy Saturday world! Ah I'm so excited- weekend tiiime, leaves plenty of time to play and plenty of time to play with new toys and catch up on the good shows!

Speaking of shows, was anyone else into Sailor Moon? I loved the show! (Sailor Jupiter and Mars were my favourites- Brunette power right?) So when I heard the Cutie Moon Fair was happening and a thing, I got sooo soo excited- It opens April 1st. I actually have a super adorable set of items to show you allll as well as a small sneak peek for the up and coming Family Flea Market!

Tada! Okay so first let me tackle the Cutie Moon stuff! Look at my bows- just look at how adorable they are. The bows and tiaras are from Cooties by Zen Zarco. For those who don't know, Cooties is the girly version of Boogers! So the clips! There are a ton of clips and bows available. There are moon clips, sun clips, star clips, skull clips and button clips as well as bows! And they come in different colours and metals and oh gosh, they're all perfect! The best thing is they're colourful and bright and just so so so much fun. I the bows in my hair here and I've gone and mix and matched them and I bet they'd be cute as a bow tie or just about anything! Also, the backpacks you are seeing around my area will also be available and they come in a variety of different colours! They're really really cute and I've fallen in love with them!

Also I have on a Tiara (so do all my stuffed friends if you can see), they come in different metals as well and with the fine different shapes and different designs! They too are from Cooties and will be available at the Cutie Moon Fair. They're modify too so if you're really small like me, it's easy to fit! Moving down, my hair is new at Truth and called Lotty. I love it so much and it's perfect for kids! If you're not a kid or a toddleedoo, there is a rigged version in the pack as well.

If you just look behind me, I'm sure you've spotted the amazing hanging bed behind me, and the set that matches it! The hanging bed, lamp and desk will be out for the Flea Market, opening April 5th! It too is from Cooties and it comes with a relaxing set of poses and a sleeping set of poses. It's so well made too, which I really like a lot. It comes in a Goodnight version and a Good Morning version and they're slightly different! It's great for a little corner, I actually had mine originally out on a deck so that's cute too, or even in a tree house! 

Lastly, for my outfit, I'm wearing the Yoga outfit from Just Kidding. I like cozy outfits, I wear a lot of dresses and skirts so cozy cute outfits like this are perfect and totally welcomed!

ʚ.Look and Display.ɞ

ʚ.Clothing & Hair.ɞ
TRUTH HAIR Lottie -  browns *New*
jkb: Yoga Outfit 

~_* Cooties  *_~  Tiaras (Star, Sun, Heart, Moon & Button) *featured*
~_* Cooties  *_~  Bows (All!) *featured*
~_* Cooties  *_~  Rainbow Glitter StarMaker BackPack *featured*
~_* Cooties  *_~ Gold Glitter StarMaker BackPack *featured*
~_* Cooties  *_~ White Glitter StarMaker BackPack *featured*

~_* Cooties  *_~  Hanging Lamp Goodmorning *featured*
~_* Cooties  *_~  Hanging Palette GoodMorning *featured*
~_* Cooties  *_~ Old School Desk *featured*
<:*BoOgErS*:> Daryl Bear RARE
<:*BoOgErS*:> Walker Bear RARE
<:*BoOgErS*:> DEAD Bear
<:*BoOgErS*:> Floor Sack Navy Chevron
[ity.]Sailor  Jupiter Star Transformation Wand
[ity.]Sailor  Jupiter Transformation Crystal Wand
Curio Obscura- Crescent Fairy Wand
MudHoney Dolly - Evie
~silentsparrow~ Deer (Oak) Forest  Elemen-tails!
=Z=Deer Wall Clock(light wood)
.Olive. Poses -the Simple and Clean Step Stool - Heart U
Alouette - Layered Bookshelf (#1)
Bazar-Floria bedroom rug
Larnia Kids ~ wooden star wand (winter)

I hope you're looking forward to both these events as much as I am! I'm so so ready for this Cutie Moon Fair. Make sure you check it out and grab the bows too! They're perfect for every outfit!

I'll be in The Bahamas in SL for a family vacation so later this week I'll make sure to bring you a few Beachy posts and a full blown Sailor Moon one!! Later Sailor Scouts

xo, Riles.......ɞ


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