Saturday, April 19, 2014

Safe and Sound....ɞ


Happy Easter Weekend fashionistas! I have a little bit of a blog for you guys for tonight so just follow me below the cut...

So Pose Fair opened today! It's super cute and I picked up a few sets, however, I am going back to get the rest of what I had my eye on later this week! .Click. Came out with some absolutely adorable poses that are wonderful for spring! Bubble poses! There 3 to the set and I've posed with Twirl and Blow. They're really well done and I like how you can kind of shoot the poses from multiple angles allowing different shots. So when you grab them, give it a try!

Also, two pose sets are available, singular poses; Innocence and Preppy! They're great single poses and of course I grabbed them, tossed them in my pose and voila,  one from each set can be seen in the photos below!


I'm sure you've noticed that my skin is a little different. Just Kidding released a new skin! Emma, it comes in 3 tones- I'm wearing Sunlit. It's a very clean, soft skin. Like the other skins in the store, it has no makeup and it's specifically for kids and can be used on TDs and regular kid avs! The skins from Just Kidding have a hud that changes your TD skin and hands so you don't have to match tones! So head to Just kidding and try those out today! Lastly, my adoable necklace! My beautiful sister sent it to me as a gift. It's from Tiny Owl and called t.O. Fairytale Necklace - Belle - Gold RARE. I love looove beauty and the beast so I was SO stoked when I got it! Thank you seastar!


ʚ.Today's Look
jk: Emma Skin - Sunlit (Brown Brow)
-LaViere-Darya Browns

Little Closet - Suspender Dress - Bubblegum/Vanilla
Turducken ToddleeDoo - Sassy Outfit - Blue Shoes

.trinket. eiffel silhouette set
t.O. Fairytale Necklace - Belle - Gold RARE
.click. Innocence Set
.click. Preppy Set
.click. Pretty Bubbles Set
*BOOM* Friendship Bracelet (Tiffany)

ʚ.Destinations Mentioned

That's it!I hope your weekend is so beautiful and wonerful and I hope the Easter Bunny is amzing to you. From us here at Petits Choux to you all, Have a Very Happy Easter.

xo, Riles....


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