Thursday, April 10, 2014

A most eggcellent hunt! :)

i hope you all saw Riley's awesome post from yesterday about the LBM Easter Festival. Along with the shops she featured, they've also got.. an Easter Egg Hunt! i woke up super early this morning and hunted eggs while no one else was there - you guys are going to love these prizes. Sometimes i do hunts and i'm so disappointed with the prizes, but these prizes are awesome, and are things i will definitely use even after Easter. (i couldn't fit everything into one photo - there are FIFTEEN eggs to find! - but i'll tell you below what i grabbed!)

 So first is my floral headband from Kristi's Closet - it's perfectly spring, and resizable. i actually wore it on my regular size avatar today, even though i'm TD (kid!) in the picture above. 

Next, i found facepaint from Woopsie-Doo - so adorable; handpainted rabbit with eggs, and then a whole Easter basket complete with chocolate bunny. (There was another facepaint from another shop, too - messy/neat bunny whiskers from GlamRUs Kidz.)

Then, there was this light sweater from .The Blossom. called the Happy Easter sweater. It comes in baby and kid TD sizes and the picture made me smile - a fuzzy, fluffy baby chick pulling on the end of a ribbon around some flowers, with his tiny beak. i liked the vintage texture, too.

My jeans are from Minuet, and you can get them at the Family Flea Market. You get three shades in one pack - so cute. And the best part, they aren't low rise! Haha. They actually fit properly.

My shoes were a former Fifty Linden Friday item from Dream Doll, but they're on Marketplace now. They're called t-strap flats, and come in tons and tons of shades. The ones i have on in the photo are called pink floral. (i suggest buying the fatpack, though.)

The little bunny next to me is the hunt item from {D&D} - it's actually a huggable toy, and you get five different colored ones in the egg - blue dotty, easter egg, easter stripes, jellybeans, yellow squares.

The Easter basket next to the bunny is EPIC. So realistic, and holdable - i just rezzed it for the photo. Inside there are .. candies! Of course! :) It's from LBM.

My pose is also a hunt item. It's called Little Juggler, from a shop called Bambi Boo. The eggs to juggle are included. (There's also an adorable pose called Baby Fae Training, from Same Love - five poses in one.)

My hair is from tram, and i'm wearing a (really old, but still cute!) Curio skin.

P.s. i linked to main stores in the information above - it wouldn't be a fun hunt for you if i linked to the egg locations, would it? :) Oh and, there were some eggs i couldn't find - so those will be secret surprises just for you to find out!
P.P.s. See our yard in the background? No snow! Told you it would happen soon.

Happy Hunting,
xoxo Gemma.


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