Friday, April 11, 2014

What makes you different... Makes you beautiful.....ɞ

Happy Friday! Gosh I'm so happy it's Friday. Aren't you?! Okay so I've been sick for the last 2 days or so, however when I logged in today there was a bunch of cuteness I definitely thought you all should see. So I put together two small looks for you guys!


Okay so for the first look, seeing as it's April, it's raining! So I grabbed my super awesome and cozy rainboots from Minuet! They're from the Family Flea Market and they're rigged mesh for our little feet. There are so many options in colours. I'm wearing my Anchor ones to mach my other Minuet item from the Family Flea Market, my beach sweater! Now what I did notice about both items is they can be unisex. The boots come in quite a few gender neutral colours which I think is pretty great and the sweaters are all gender neutral, as you can see! I just paired mine with a pair of Turducken leggings but they go great with jeans or shorts too! My hair as you've noticed I'm sure is insanely cute. It's from Magika and released today, called Shimmer! It's actually a version of her other slightly older/new hair that had rigged pigatils- so it works awesome on us, it's resizable and unrigged. Thank you Magika! Very fast, my umbrella, by BOOM, it's actually what has made most of the rain in my photo! So photographers, it's a pretty fun rain tool!

My second look is more of a summery look but bright and cozy! The full outfit is from Chelsea's Children Clothing. One of the original stores for us kids. She's just recently moved her store and the link to that is below. Her entire new release is toddleedoo and so bright and colourful. I love bright and pretty, don't get me wrong I adore pastels- but lately there is sooo much pastel happening, that the bright summery colours and so welcome! The outfit I am wearing is called CCC Marcy! My hair is actually from The Season Story event that opened yesterday. It's called Fluer by Truth and it's unrigged. Now good news, I feeeel we may be seeing some more unrigged hair from Truth in the near future, maybe and I'm so so excited for it! So make sure you grab this hair! Lastly, my little bublebee! MishMish has out a super cute bumbleebee that flies around your head. Toddleedoos, I found it floated a little high for me, so I just edited it to make it lower, now it flies around my face! woo! It's for 50L friday so make sure you grab it TONIGHT!!


ʚ.What I'm wearing
jk: Baby Nikki Skin - Tone B
Magika [01] Shimmer

Minuet -  Blue/White Anchor & Sail - Rainboot
Minuet - Vintage Hoodie - Navy Pacific Nautical

.trinket. hand stamped bracelet - peace silver
*BOOM* Rain no rain umbrella. (alpaca)

jk: Baby Nikki Skin - Tone B
TRUTH HAIR Fleur -  browns

CCC Marcy - Baby & Kid Toddledoo

*MishMish* A Bumblebee Friend
jk: Cute Paci's Gatcha - Moon and Stars

ʚ.Events Mentioned

There you have it! Have an amazing weekend and happy shopping!
xoxo, Riles....


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