Monday, April 6, 2015

A little La Boutique..........ɞ

Happy Monday!

I hope your week has started off amazingly well!

So my family is headed to the rain forest tonight! I needed to pick an outfit to wear on the plain! Running over to La Boutique, I grabbed a few super cute pieces and put together two looks that I thought were airplane appropriate!


For my first look above, my little sun dress is the feature! It's white and simple but for me, it's a perfect outfit for the plane because you're ready for that hot weather as soon as you come off the plane! You'll want to make sure to bring a sweater though in case it gets a tiny bit cool on the plane! This really pretty dress is by Les Petites Poupees and can be found at La Boutique!

To complete this outfit I have on Belle travel set from Aura's, my new shoes from Turducken, deer purse from Zenith, my camera from BBQ and my hair from D!va!


For my second option, I chose something to contrast the other outfit! I have 3 pieces from La Boutique here! My awesome sweater is from Ugly Duckling and perfect for planes because it's insanely warm and cozy (I do have shorts on! they're just hiding-you may want to wear TD layer shorts under this or leggings), and it's super great! For my rain boots- which I bought a few of for the trip, they're by Blubb! They're craaazy cute and come in 4 colours. These periwinkle colour, red, pink and yellow! They're a total must have!

For my last item, my cloud plushie! She's new from Trinket. You can hold her or hug her and she's amaaaazing for a plane right because I could use her as a pillow. I adore her and she comes in different colours!

Lastly, I have my luggage again from Aura's and a pretty pony tail from Truth!

I have two more pieces from this event that will be features in LOTDs this week, so keep your eyes peeled!


ʚ.........{LPP} Sweet April I Pink
ʚ.........=Zenith=Deer Bag
ʚ.........*bbqq*-lomo camera-ice
ʚ.........*Aura's*Bebe Princess Luggage 

ʚ.........{ugly duckling} Hip Hoodie [confetti]
ʚ.........TRUTH HAIR Honey -  browns
ʚ.........{Blubb} Rain Wellies *Babyblue Dots*
ʚ.........*Aura's* Bebe Princess Luggage 
ʚ..........trinket. april showers rain cloud plushie - pink

La Boutique (open today!)

I hope your week is amazing! I'll be posting a few blogs throughout the week- simple LOTDs but they'll be vacation ready ones!
xo, Riles.....


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