Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A little corner of peace and quiet......ɞ

Happy Tuesday!
I'm so so glad I'm back, I took a little bit of an unscheduled break because Real Life got a little crazy there for a moment but I am here and I have a ton of stuff t show you this week!

So first a buuuunch of events are opening up. Instead of sticking eveeryyything I got or bought in one huge haul blog because it's sometimes really overwhelming for everyone. I'll be doing a few short blogs over the week like this one so you can see it all mixed and spread out!

I have a lot of new and old happening here, I wanted to bring in some new things and some other favourites I haven't blogged really before. 


Now, my dress! It's new and super summery and pretty and you can find it at La Boutique in many colours! They're these long, beautiful boho dresses from Turducken. They each come as a full outfit with shoes and a belt, however I wanted to mix it up a bit! They're a great summer dress for hanging out with family and they cam be dressed up a little too! For my shoes, they're actually these adorable Jellies from Reign! The best part is, they're resizable for us TDs! They come in a tooon of colours! Another cute little piece you can find at La Boutique is my jar! It has a butterfly in it and it's holdable! Its by Little Llama! Remember La Boutique Opens May 6th!

For my freckles, which you can't see, but I'll do more of a feature on it this week, they're new and insanely perfect from Bun Bun! You can actually find them at the Hello Beautiful event now open!

Moving on to my absolutely beautiful animal friends, which really where the inspiration for this blog. They're brand new from Half-Deer and you can find them at The Home show (now open)! They come in two versions, sleeping and sitting and oh my gosh they make my heart melt. They're so so perfect and about to be allll over my room! But remember, these deers are exclusive to the event!

My hair is semi new from Truth! I love that it fits us so well with a tiny bit of editing! It's unrigged of course and the perfect hair if you're wearing a flower crown like I am from Zenith!

My extra little pieces are from multiple places! My beautiful bunting with butterflies is from Pita's Pocket along with my awesome tea set and my amazingly detailed book is form OkBye from a long time ago but it's perfect! My flowers of course are from Dream, and I actually have an adorable few pieces to show you tomorrow by Dream as well!

Make sure to check out La Boutique, Hello Beautiful and The Home Show! They have some amazing pieces for everyone!


ʚ.................{BunBun} Sweetie Freckles Pack
ʚ.................Turducken ToddleeDoo - Sasha Sundress - Pink @ La Boutique
ʚ.................=Zenith=Tulips bloom Corolla
ʚ.................~Dream. Baby's Breath

ʚ.................+Half-Deer+ Sleeping Deer Fawn [Maple] @ Home Show
ʚ.................+Half-Deer+ Quiet Deer Fawn [Cream] @ Home Show
ʚ.................[okkbye] Wizard Books - You Have Your Mothers Eyes RARE
ʚ.................Little Llama - Holdable Jar - Butterfly @ La Boutique
ʚ.................{Pipo} Little Peter's Tea Set
ʚ.................{PiPo} Little Vintage Picnic <Butterfly Bunting>

That's it! I hope you have amazing day, and I'll see you tomorrow, or even late tonight!
xo, Riles....


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