Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I got all I need.................ɞ


Happy Wednesday!

It's May 6th and La Boutique is finally open! I have another outfit from that amazing event and I'm SO excited show you! It's a small little blog but it has all sorts of pretty in it!

I absolutely, insanely in love this dress by Dream! I mentioned yesterday I was going to showcase this set for you and I'm ecstatic that I can! It's a really pretty, gentle dress with lace detailing. It comes in the usual collection palette that Dream uses so a colour for everyone, ranging from dark to super white! It's the perfect outfit for summer but it's diverse because if you toss on a pair of leggings or nylons under it, it came work for the cooler months as well! It's just so perfect and an absolute must in your closet! The best part is, it's not the only piece at this event form Dream! There is a rose set with the amazing headband I have on, the flowers I'm holding, the bee on my nose and a watering can too! This whole set is just.. beautiful!

My pose, from Click, is not so new but it's equally as awesome! I came across it as I was looking for a scene idea and putting together blogs for the week! It's a tire swing set! It has 3 poses in it and this one is my favourite, especially since you can see the dress! I really like this set and I'm excited to use the other poses in other blogs too!

Lastly, my hair is from tram! It's one of my constant choices because of the perfect curls!


ʚ..................~Dream. The Prairie Dress - Baked Blush @ La Boutique
ʚ..................~Dream. Roses  & Bumblebee {Bouquet, Bee and Headpiece} @ La Boutique
ʚ..................tram  C606 hair / brown&black

ʚ My Little Tire

Make sure you stop into La Boutique at some point today if you get the chance! There is so much in it, and I'll be back tomorrow with a beach set to show you!
 Have a sparkly day,
xo, Riles....


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