Thursday, May 14, 2015

Nothing's forever in this crazy world...............ɞ

Happy almost Friday! I've been a little quiet this week since I blogged myself out a little last week! I like to make sure that my blog posts are always fun so I want to keep on at it, hence the little breaks here and there when things get busy!

My amazing family celebrated my birthday this week, and I wanted to show you the insanely adorable decor as well as my outfit that I wore to it too, and share the crazy theme I had come up with a few weeks back as well! 

So follow on.....


Anyone who knows me pretty knows I love a lot of things, but 4 things always stand out. Backstreet Boys, Tea, Glee and the Great Gatsby, They literally have nothing to do with one another of course, so naturally when my amazing parents asked what I wanted as a theme, I blurted out all three and they came up with the absolute best idea ever. 1920's tea party where backstreet boys and Glee music will be played. Basically, amazing because it sums me up pretty perfectly. (My amazing seastar even had Nick Carter on the stage saying Happy Birthday... it was pure looove!)

So for my attire I naturally wore this amazing flapper-like dress from Turducken because it really is the perfect dress for a party like this. I wore it in Beige because I had a neutral-theme going as you can probably tell. It's just such a cute jumper/dress and I find myself wearing it a ton!

Fr my perfect 1920's hair, Claudette from Wasabi Pills of course. The short, sweet cut with the headband is amazing. It's really easy to edit and the headband changes colour- so it can really match well. I also like that you don't necessarily have to wear it in this context. Girls, it's amazing when you're just running around. It reminds me of the hair of a 2-4 year old. It's adorable.

For my shoes, from C88 and by Atomic of course. They're the perfect T-strap style shoe. I love it, they're amazing and when you put it with the dress, it's even more perfect.

Lastly, my watch! That's not something I wore to the party, but it is something new and insanely adorable! It's by Boogers and an adorable watch at that! It comes in a multitude of colours too so really anyone can wear them! I'm wearing the opal one! These will be out at the Kawaii Project, opening May 15th at midnight, so make sure to mark those calenders!


ʚ..............Turducken ToddleeDoo - Avry Dress - Beige
ʚ..............<:*BoOgErS*:> RAWRtch Opal @The Kawaii Project
ʚ...............Atomic. {Footwear} Piper Flats - Dove @C88
ʚ............../Wasabi Pills/ Claudette Mesh Hair - Browns Pack

For background, it's not my stuff and I usually don't feel right about blogging pieces that don't belong to me. The decor was done by my amazing momma, Lolita! I can't take credit for the decor today.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend, and I will see you at some point for a weekend blog! I leave you with some Backstreet Boys...
xo, Riles...


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