Friday, May 8, 2015

A tiny bit of peace.....ɞ

I took a little quit time today. Just my teddy and me and some water noises. I really like those few spare moments we get every so often to just sit quietly and reflect on everything that's going on around us. I feel like sometimes a lot happens and we don't really get to take it all in, or really sit and feel what we should feel, we just experience it without attaching emotion to things and really going through it. So those few spare moments I get to do that and reflect like that, I really take and think!

Below, I will tell you what I was wearing while I was doing that reflecting!


So, the pose that helped me sit with my teddy, is from Click again! I really like this one because I can use the dock that comes with it, or use the one on our land. It's a great pose I think!

For my outfit, it's from Petite Bowtique's newest release. It's insanely cozy and comes in two colour options. I really like how comfy this set is. It's not sloppy comfy either which is so important to me. You cam go out in it or just hangout with family. It's a great all around play outfit I think! It's super perfect!

That's pretty much it! Nothing too crazy or heavy today!


ʚ............{Petite Bowtique} Melody Outfit {Pink} Teddy Dock
ʚ............*ARGRACE* AZAMI - Dark Browns
ʚ Teddy Dock

That's it! I'll definitely see you tomorrow for a special Mother's Day post! But before I sneak away, just a small reminder to take in those moments! Life goes so so life and those days fly by. Enjoy those moments and take in those emotions and remember to feel everything. Most importantly, tell those you love, that you love them. Because you never know what life can bring you tomorrow.

Have an amazing day,
xo, Riles....


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