Thursday, May 7, 2015

A little fun in the sun......ɞ


The week is almost done! It's Thursday and I can taaaste the weekend it's so close. I have my third blog in the la boutique set because the entire event has SUCH cute stuff and of course a new hair!

Today, we're going to the beach! This is because Ugly Duckling made these insaaaanely adorable two piece swim suits. This is the perfect swim suit. It's still a bikini but it's conservative and chic and cute and just i love it. It comes in a BUNCH of different patterns and colours too so there are so many options for you all! I really like how the subtle patterns are match with bolder loud ones, it makes such a great statement. It's just an all around amazing set! If you want to see this two piece in a bit of a drastically different colour, check out my sister's blog post she did today too! Riiight HERE! (You should be checking her blog out anywaaaay, just saying!)

For my hair, it's new from Argrace! its a messy top knot and it's so great! I've dressed it down for the beach, but you don't need to be messy to wear it, I'll be showing you tomorrow how to wear a step up too! It's really diverse a total kids hair. I love it!

Lastly, my pose! It's from Click and it's from a super great beach set that Click made! I love it so much, and that whole collection is perfect! A definite need for everyone and works for girls and boys!


ʚ.................{ugly duckling} MissBeach Suit [mint]
ʚ.................*ARGRACE* AZAMI - Dark Browns
ʚ White Sunglasses

ʚ Beach Loot

That's it! stay tuned tomorrow for a cozy blog feature a super cute outfit from Petite Bowtique!
xo, Riles...


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