Thursday, January 9, 2014

Another farewell

It has been already 4 years 8 months since I came to Second Life. And it was just less than 2 months later that I got to know about kids community. When I decided to be a kid in SL, there were couple of big kids fashion stores like Babydolls Boutique, Chelsea's Children's Clothing, Candii Kitten and Larnia. They have been some of those stores I ran to check every new releases. I remember those days I used to hang out with friends at stores. Dancing, talking and just looking around all the cute outfits they released. I met many of my great friends through those stores. Inner Peace by Riley Sapphire was one of those stores. Even though I feel a little bit sad to see it closing, I am glad to know that this is not the end of Inner Peace. As she announced through plurk, she will be back with new brand one day.
And for the next two weeks, Inner Peace is having 50% off sale. If you have any gift card left, it is time to use it before the store closes officially on 20th, January.

Photo by Jennah, words by Marie

Jennah is wearing...
Dress - :>Inner Peace<: Esme
Boots - :>Inner Peace<: White  Leather Wellies

Marie is wearing...
Hair - tram  C407 hair / creamyellow
Turtleneck shirt - from CCC Kyri
Sweat, pants & boots - :>Inner Peace<: Ocean Cozy Knitty Set

Jennah's Hair and tights, Marie's earrings and necklace are not available


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