Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Camp Orientation...

It’s almost camp!!!! I’m so excited. Today I realized that the “Camp Bear Buddy’s” had never been to camp before and they might be a bit nervous. So I held a lil camp orientation for them.

They really were great listeners… not a peep out of them. I explained that their job is to keep the campers and counselors company. They now know that some of us may feel a lil homesick while at camp, and will need to hold and snuggle them to get over that feeling.

I think we are all ready to go now!

What you see -

Pants and Shoes by Muddy Buddies 

Onesie by Sunberry

Camp Bear Buddy’s (Rez and Hold Versions) by Rainbow Promises

Sim – Goober Town (Shops, Color Me Monthly Market, Resale Barn, and more) 


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