Saturday, December 14, 2013

Zombies on Ice

Ah, the wonderful season of the holidays. Fresh white snow covering the ground, the sight of wonderment everywhere you look, and the distinct and comforting sound of…

Photo by Gemma Morland

… a zombie slaughter taking place on a frozen lake.

Just the average day in December, when you’re dealing with little kids who are packing heat, and parents who beam with pride at their skills.

Last night, it all started off so “innocent” as my friend, Lillie (and fellow blogger), stated in a plurk post. Yet, somehow and in some way, our evening of snow ball fights, ice skating and drinking hot chocolate, turned into an evening of trying to kill each other first, then combining forces against the invaders from the dead.

If only I could remember how it began… oh wait… that’s right!

“Gemma: Summer has equipped me with The Power... Bewaaare.”

Yes, now I remember clearly. Those are the exact words my friend, Gemma (and fellow blogger), said before the battle began and all chaos let loose. None of us could have expected what was to come next, though. 

We were soon attacked by multitudes of zombies who chased us, until one-by-one we used our "power" and they dropped into what can only be described as a pile of broken lego men. No really, they fell down and into pieces with like arms here and like legs and stuff over there. It was totally gross, but quite satisfying in our victory too. 

It was a dire situation for a while. The walkers… err… zombies, threatened to take over the world and ruin this beautiful season. But, we couldn’t have any of that. So, five kids and three adults took on the almost insurmountable task of destroying the dead as they returned to earth with a hunger for avatar mesh!

However, you need not fear. "We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive!" And, we will do so because Lillie, Gemma, Adalia, Elia, Nina, Syrah, John and yours truly saved the day today, and will again when needed.

* Any exaggerations in this post are merely coincidental in their occurrence.

Important Stuff:
Hair: Amacci Hair "Thea" (Dark Brown), Amacci Bald Base
Shirt: Kaysha's Closet - Reindeer Sweater (Kid size), from the December 2013 Woodland Gacha
Pants: ToddleeDudes "Firebird 'Black' Track Pants 
Ice Skates: Luv U More - "Snowflake Skates" from the December 2013 Woodland Gacha
Hat: Muddy Buddies - Santa's Best Buddy Christmas Hat
Weapon: SciLab - Wooden Pump Shotgun
Zombies: Wizardry and Steamworks: Zero Store - "Zombie Shooting Game - Rezzer - Jute" (Newer/updated version is now available.)

*Quote: Independence Day (1996)


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