Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Hi everyone! I guess I should start this off by saying that I absolutely love this time of year. I love how people get into that special spirit of the holidays and spread it around in their smiles. It’s just a touch of something special at this time of year, to which I look forward.

My SL mommy enjoys this time of year too, so we have been exploring some fun sims this season. This is my first holiday season with a family in SL and I do love not feeling alone. It makes it even better that my mommy enjoys so much of what I do too.

Recently, she took me to a holiday sim that she found and thought that I would enjoy, called the Winter Holiday Village (SLurl at the end of this post). All I can say is, “Wow!” This sim is gorgeous and so well made. So much about this sim I want to talk about, but I will do my best to summarize it all up for you.

I will begin with the “Magic of Christmas Shop”. This place is just fun and huge! I went in here and did well restraining myself, but I couldn’t resist completely (hey, I’m only five!). My mommy and cousin were a good influence on me, though. The shop is a child’s dream come true. It sells everything from clothes to sleds and toys, to decorations that you may have not even thought about before.

Upon first entrance, your eyes will be treated to a world of color and excitement. Seriously… I dare you not to smile.

The shop is quite huge, so I will only show some areas now, but you will not be disappointed if you go there yourself.

After managing to drag myself to the door of the shop and pull my hands off of the doorframe, I headed back outside. As I stated, the shop is fantastic, but your mind isn’t finished being blown away when you finish inside. Outside is a whole other world of wonderment. For a five-year-old, this place was a magnificent walk through a memorable experience.

You’ll notice while around the sim, that there are various locations where you can get free items to help you enjoy the sim to its fullest potential. One such thing is a free horse and buggy ride that you can take around the sim’s road. Another fun item is the pair of skis, located across the road from the Christmas shop. You can pick which color you want too. I picked blue of course, since I have a tomboy reputation to protect.

As I skied around, I took in the lovely scenery and cold brisk air. I was also quite fortunate to make some new friends too. This was the Penguin family that I came across. The papa penguin was hanging out with his older kids, teaching them how to fish and just spending quality time.

The mama penguin was off to the side, though. She was helping to keep the newest addition to their family nice and warm. It was cold out there, so she was being a good mommy.

After all that skiing, though, I needed to take a break. So, I kicked off my skis and went and sat with a new polar bear friend I met. I drank a Coca Cola as we just sat and talked a bit.

Once I bid adieu to my new buddy, I took a hike up to a small cabin that I could see off in the distance. After knocking, I realized that the cabin was free for all to enter. Walking in, I was greeted by a warm and cozy fire and snuggly couch to rest my feet up on. If you look closely, the lamp in the window is a great homage to one of my favorite Christmas movies, “A Christmas Story”. I still want a leg lamp, just for the record.

I munched a little on a brownie that was generously left on the coffee table. Well, ok… I had two. Well, maybe three, but I worked up an appetite after all that skiing and hiking. Shhh… don’t tell my mommy, though. Wait… did I give her this blog’s web address? Hmmm…

On the other side of the cabin is a great place to have a little fun. The "Greedy Greedy" gaming table is open for all to play, and the piano in the background is a wonderful way to get in some Christmas carols.

Eventually, the time had come for me to have to leave the cabin. It wasn’t so much that I overstayed my welcome, but rather that I had to find a bathroom. A little too much Cola, I guess. 

Photo taken by my SL mommy, Syrah Evans

Unfortunately, the line the restroom was long. Must there always be a line to the ladies’ room? 

After that quick stop for mother nature, I looked at the time and realized that it was actually getting a little late, so it was time for me to make my way to my ultimate destination. However, a cute little penguin came over to me and asked if I’d skate with him a little bit before I left the area. I couldn’t resist his little chubby cheeks so put on my skates and had some icy fun.  

Photo taken by my SL mommy, Syrah Evans

I wasn’t the only one skating on this lake either. Many others were enjoying the cold fun of skating with friends and family.

My entire visit to the Winter Holiday Village was awesome, but there was still one more thing that I had to do before I left. “What is that?” you may ask. Why to go and see the big guy… the big kahuna… the dude in the red suit… the big boy with the toys… the chubby hubby… the… (*clears her throat*) Santa Claus, of course.

After all of the skiing, hiking and skating, I finally reached my ultimate destination… the North Pole! I stood there in awe for a moment as I took in the sight and grasped the fact that I was indeed at the home of Santa!

Sadly, though, I walked up to the magnificent throne of the jolly big guy, only to find it was empty. Apparently, he appears at 2pm SLT, on the weekends, so keep that in mind. While I was there, though, a few of his elves were sitting in the area, but Santa was not. Yeah, I was a bit bummed, but the season is not over yet, and there is still plenty of time to go and see him. I have to tell him what I want, because it’s super important. He’s the only one who will understand that I want an “Official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!”* That and a leg lamp.

In the end, as much fun as it was to visit this fun village (which I couldn’t even fully cover here), it’s always good to be back home again. Home sweet home with Milton (my puppy), sitting by one of our family Christmas trees, and waiting for Mommy to come home from work.

In the end, that’s what this season is all about… peace, friends, family, and love.

I wish a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays season to all of you out there. May you continue to enjoy the rest of this beautiful season.

*A Christmas Story (1983)

What I’m wearing:
~ Green, Red and Black outfit ~
Shirt, Pants and Shoes: Muddy Buddies “Winter Cardigan Vest Outfit”
Hat: Muddy Buddies “Santa’s Best Buddy” Santa Hat
Eyes: *By Snow* Elven Eyes (Sky)
Hair: Amacci Hair “Beata” Mocha, Amacci Bald Base
Shape: *Aura's* Enchanted Julie for Toddleedoo
Skin: ~Mynerva~ "Little Julie" Champagne B
Brows: ~Mynerva~ "Jane" Brown Brows
Freckles: R.icielli - Freckles 1
Necklace: Creator: Angelia Heartsdale "I love you to the moon and back"
Bracelet: *BOOM* Blue Friendship Bracelet

~ Winter Coat Outfit ~
-         Coat, Pants and Shoes: Marmelade "Under the Wind"
-         Hair: TRUTH HAIR - "Danni" Dark Brown 01, Amacci Bald Base
-         Ice Skates: Winter Festival Ice Skates, by Skeedalee Skidoo

Cola Bottle: Dekute Cola 6 Pack, by Dekute Dekore
Puppy: VKC Birch Puppy
Christmas Tree: Botanical  - Green Holiday Fir Small (mt), by Kriss Lehmann
Tree Skirt: Antique Artistry's Mod/copy christmas tree skirt12, by Fatima Ur

** Photos taken by me, Summer Pedalo, unless noted otherwise in the captions.


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