Monday, December 2, 2013

Let it go, Let it go.

HAPPY MONDAY Arcade-ians and those alike! I bet you spent countless hours sorting and buying and trading and sorting and buying some more and probably did that 3 or 4 times over! Here is a shocker, SO DID I! So I bring you some of the little loooves I picked up over the weekend. 

I also took a small break to grab my new friends, test out some adorable outerwear, break in those skates and test a few new poses... and these is what came of that idea...

 I didn't account for the ice and I probably should have glued my friends down! Now every accessory/toy/pose even my skates and hair (except my clothing) are from  Arcade. For those who don't know (but i'm sure you all do), Arcade is a quarterly event that happens where TON of designers get together and create all these amazing, creative things, put them into a Gacha and for about a month there is a lot of trading, selling happening with these items! It's kind of a cool way to meet people too, especially if you're into trading. The talent that comes out of there is insane and it's really neat to see all these different ideas. I love it, I'm so into it and I stayed up this time around and luckily got in right at midnight and worked my way through it. It's a lot of fun and I always use pretty much everything I get from there to decorate either my bedroom or my adult Av's home! I absolutely suggest going and if it's far too laggy for you or you computer doesn't tolerate mesh well, there are a TON of Yard Sales around to pick up the commons at machine price. However I highly, highly recommend you try and go to the actual event. Support the designers and it's just a really cool place to see. Now, most machines will have at least one rare item- some of multiples and some (like Noodles who turned her rares into commons- which was amazingly kind of her) have none so keep an eye out for that too!
( Note:If you are seeing commons higher than the machine price- don't do it. 99% of Yard Sales will be fair and sell them at base cost.) 

Okay onto the other stuff!

The poses, are from .Click by Gracie Breuer! They're a little modified to fit the scenes, and I LOVE that they were so easy to modify. They are made initially for adults, but the saucer is mod and easy to fit- so definitely pick a few up (I used Poses 2- the first photo and 6- the second photo)! I know you're looking at alll my wonderful friends, these are from Boogers by Zen Zarco! They are the Michonne Bear RARE,  Miley Bear RARE,  Rudolph Bear and the Sleeping Bear (I'm trying to hunt down the last two bears on my list still). They're 100% mesh and SO insanely cute- yes maybe possibly even the miley one! Once they're tended to and bandaged up by my momma, they'll be sitting neatly in my room. My other friend is from ~silentsparrow~ and it's the Deer (Oak) Forest  Elemen-tails! I LOVE deers and I LOVE reindeers even more so I was surprised by my amazing momma when she passed me the Deer as a gift! To keep my ears and fingers warm I have two different Arcade items from 8f8. My hat- which seems to have fallen off is called BFB_DEER HAT and my mittens are one of the secrets in the machine is called 8f8_DEER Hat_RUDOLF_SECRET. Both are mod and perrrrrfectly adorable for all your cute, winter, SL needs. Also, they aren't the only two animals in there. There are a ton more, like an Owl, a Bunny and even a sloth! Next I'd like to do you my ice skates! They're by The Secret Store and the ones I'm wearing are Pegasus - RARE! They're realllllly pretty and they do fit TDs and kids, you just have to mod them a little. There is a resize script and to make them look normal on me (I'm a small Toddleedoo baby AV) I decreased it by 45% and then just shifted them around a little and tada! You'll need to hide your toes and foot with your TD hud! And last but totally not least- it's my D!va hair! The one I am wearing is Daisy (Type A)(Brown diamond). There is a long mesh version with pretty pigtails, it won't work or TDs so if you have it, trade it for one like I've got on! It fits TDs easy- has a resize script. I have a big, round head so I only had to decrease it by 16%, you may have to decrease it a little more! And that's it! If you are wondering what I'm wearing it's all below in my LOTD list and Recap!


Found at Arcade:
D!va Hair-  "Daisy" (Type A)(Brown diamond)
8f8- DEER Hat
The Secret Store - Ice Skates - Pegasus - RARE

<:*BoOgErS*:> Rudolph Bear
<:*BoOgErS*:> Sleepy Bear
<:*BoOgErS*:> Miley Bear RARE
<:*BoOgErS*:> Michonne Bear RARE
~silentsparrow~ Deer (Oak) Forest  Elemen-tails!

.click. Saucer Sled!  6
.click. Saucer Sled!  2

On Riley (found in her inventory):
*Baby Pie* Shiver Blue Skirt Pack
*Baby Pie* Shiver Blue Sweaters Pack
.click. Stick-On Earrings #16
.::Mother Goose's::-.Alison set
IKON- Destiny Eyes - Green

Thank you so so much for taking the time to read this! I hope your week is fun and you all complete your arcade lists! Have a super amazing week! Leaving you with a lovely Demi Lovato song from Frozen- it's so pretty.

xoxo, Riley


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