Sunday, December 15, 2013

Texting Santa My List (Regular Kids Fashion)

We are getting closer to christmas, and i still need to tell Santa what i want.
The whole letter thing is neat, but texting is faster and im sure some of the elfs are high-techs and got cellphones, right?
So me and my friends, Pierre, Shadow and Nibbler made the list and took a selfie to add to it, so Santa doesn't give it to the wrong peeps, you know ... making sure.
Anyway, if someone else get my text you can still send me my gifts. K, Thanks =D.


> Clothes:
Shirt: .:Villena:. Denim Shirt - Black
Pants: .:Villena:. Loose Pants - Gold Print
Shoes: littlebones Unity Studded Flat - Black
Hair: Truth Hair - Hollona - Ginger

Hat: 8f8 Racoon Hat @ The Arcade
Necklace: (NO) Vintage Portrait Necklace - Buddy
Phone: VCO Bunny Phone - Rare 3

> Decoration:
Bear: <:*BoOgErS*:> Pierre Bear @ The Arcade
Pony: ~silentsparrow~ Pwonie (Shadow)
Mouse: Intrigue Co. Plushie Pals: Nibbler the Mouse @ The Arcade
Chair: AF Milan Lounge (Antique Leather)
Tree: LAQ Decor ~Christmas Tree~ Gold


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