Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Snow Day.

Two words every kid likes to hear during the school year: snow day! Sleeping in, spending the entire day in pajamas eating junk food, or maybe suiting up and heading outside with friends to make snowmen or have a snow ball fight, or even going shopping and out to lunch - except if your Dad likes to do lessons at home, like mine does.

Mostly I don't mind. My Dad picks really interesting topics to learn about (like the solar system - see the model of the Earth?) and he even set up a little schoolroom in the back of our house. But somedays I get stir-crazy and just can't sit and concentrate.

That was today, for sure. I doodled in my notebook, read ahead a couple chapters, and daydreamed about being a spy just like Harriet. (Do you know her? If you haven't read about her, you should - it's my favorite book. Well, ok, one of my favorites. I like a lot, lot, lot of books.) And with the snow finally coming down, it was even harder to focus on owls, and what they eat, and where they live, and their pellets. Don't ever look up owl pellets unless you want to be totally grossed out. :/

I wanted to share my outfit with you, and then it's back to studying about owls, for me!

Here's my look of the day (it's cozy!)

Headband: [Little Romi] - Reindeer horn_brown (Romi Juliesse)
     - I'm not sure her shop is still open. It's not there, and nothing is on MP.
Hair: Truth - Chilali - browns. (Truth Hawks)
Outfit (including boots!) - Marmelade - Winter Knit (SunAnn Jewell)
     - at the Winter Festival, here through December 31st.
Ring: O.M.E.N. - You're A Star ring - Silver - White (Damascusvera.Resident)
Desk: Hamilton Elementary Desk (Henry Redrose) - not for sale, although his store is called Mudlarks.
(Oh and! I'm a Toddleedoo kid-size.)

Happy Snow Days!
xoxo, Gemma


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