Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Do You Love Gatchas????

The Woodland Treasures Gatcha is a monthly themed gatcha event that is lots of fun. Another family friendly event with lots of stuff for kids! 

I’m not much of a shopper… it’s true. I keep telling people I’m different. But, I couldn't resist shopping at this month’s Woodland Treasures. That in itself is proof that there is stuff you just have to have. 

*Shameless plug here*
I made these really cute snowglobes with particles that go on and off when you touch them. 

*end of shameless plug*

So, today I got up and after a few good stretches…

I put on my new ice skates and went out to our own lil frozen pond and tried them out. It was lots of fun.

What you see...

Snowmen at Woodland Treasures entrance are the December item offered by Marmelade

Winter Snowglobes - December Woodland Treasures item by Rainbow Promises

Picture in my room:

Rainbow Jammies - December Woodland Treasures item by Pix N Mix

Wardrobe is part of my bedroom set by NACH Homes and Furnishings 

HPMD Stuffed Rabbit from HPMD Main Store 

Other items are from previous Arcade's or custom made.

Ice skating picture:

Sweater - December Woodland Treasures item by Kaysha’s Closet 

Jeans by Larnia Kids  

Ice Skates – December Woodland Treasures item by Luv U More


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