Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Light as a feather.......ɞ



Happy Tuesday! I hope you had an amazing Labor Day weekend!

I have a small but fun blog for you today!

The time has come! We've seen some adorable mesh heads lately coming out, Cute Bytes has done some super pretty ones that I have blogged in the past and more since then!

However, I've been waiting for a mesh head for us TD's that was close to what I wanted for myself! I love the idea of a realistic SL toddler head for myself, however it's been hard to find one that fits me just right and makes me still feel like me. 

Until today!

The creator of VCO has opened a kids store, with a mesh head. It's perfect. It has the down turned, puffy but childish mouth, the realistic toddler eyes and it's perfect for the TD body. You do have to do some adjusting if you'd like. I did notice I had to take down a few things on my shape to really make myself proportioned to the head but it was simple. You'll also need to to take down your hairs quite a bit and do some editing to really make them fit right. But it's work it. (Make sure you have a copy of your hair to edit, NEVER edit the original)

You may think 'But I'd look like everyone else'. Essentially yes, however, your hair, your style and your accessories will make it YOU. And we can all hope that this amazing new store brings out some more for us so we can all look different and cute together!

The super cute features that this offers are universal and can be unisex. There are quite a few different face options from various emotions (like the one I have below), as well as different flush options, the options for lashes and two eye options! The one thin I do wish it had was the option for change in hairbase, but it is made for a lighter haired child (buuut I love it anyway). 

So with a little bit of editing, some personal touches and some way cute clothing you too can have a super cute, toddler-like mesh head! I'm super excited to see what this creator comes out with next!


ʚ.........{Little Peanut}  Poyo Baby Mesh Head
ʚ.........Turducken ToddleeDoo - Milla Overalls - Medium {Box}
ʚ.........Magika [01] Itch
ʚ.........{Rigby} baby binks : beige floral 3

That's it! Stay tuned for another blog mid week with some adorable Arcade pieces!


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