Friday, September 5, 2014

Come on show 'em what you're worth.......ɞ

Happy Friday pretties! The weekend is finally here- I hope you have some amazing plans for the weekend! I can tell you that super super soon, Turducken will be releasing and I have a little sneak peek for you guys and it's so so so adorable. I've also paired it with some new accessories, a fuzzy friend and new hair!

Onward... ʚ.ɞ

This first outfit is called Elspeth! It's cute transition into fall outfit with an adorable shrug for those slightly cooler days and a dress with boots! You can wear the halter dress alone too- which I love because I love options! This outfit comes in a few different colours and they're all in fall tones which is perfect.

For my little friend here, my new sloth plushie, he's a another new release from Turducken and you can get him in 4 different slothy colours! He's adorable and holdable too! Next, for my cute bracelet from noodles! It's brand new and it's a mother/daughter set and it was actually given to me by my seastar Payton! It comes in different metals and I'm current;y wearing it in rose gold. I really really like the soft cursive writing too, it makes it dainty and pretty! 

Now, for this hair, I'm wearing the new Tableau Vivant hair from The Arcade! I'm also wearing it with different accessories that you can get for the hair when you play the machine! It's a great hair with a braid and is resizable, so it can fit your lovely head perfectly! Lastly, as a back drop, I've used one of Roost's Arcade items! Kids! Bedroom stuff for us!


So above you have three more brand new outfits for Turducken that will be in stores super soon! Each of them are completely different in outfit type and colour, which is great in a release I think because it gives choices! Each of these outfits come in 4 or 5 colours so if you're not quite a pink person or a blue person, there are more colours! This first one is called Bainsley! It's that pretty pink set with the floral skirt and flowers! The skirt is mesh however the top bottom is a prim which I actually like. I love mesh pieces but sometimes for us Toddledoos a simple prim bottom can make a big different especially with the over use of the mesh templates out there right now, so it gives uniqueness to outfits! 

This second outfit is named Mikah and it's a two piece set! It comes together or separate too which gives you a chance to wear a different piece with something else! It's a pretty outfit and I've actually used one of the accessories you can get from the Tableau Vivant machine to go with it!

This last outfit from the coming release is named Rey and I'm wearing it in mint! It's a simple but really pretty dress with detailing over the chest! It's great for the warmer days but it can be paired with a pair of footie leggings! For my hair accessories, it too is an accessory set from Tableau Vivant and the glasses are kinda super adorable!


That's it! There is more to this release too, like tye-dye tanks and stuff for boys- which I'm actually going to blog for you, later this week! So make sure you get ready for this release to hit stores soon. I can't wait for you all to get your hands on these outfits and I hope this helped you plan out at least some of your shopping for the week!

ʚ...Turducken ToddleeDoo - Elspeth Dress - Cream (coming soon)
ʚ...Turducken ToddleeDoo  - Sloth RagDoll Plushie - Cream (coming soon)
ʚ...~Tableau Vivant~ Writer Hair - Braid - Dark Browns
ʚ...Noodles - Daughter Bracelet Rose Gold
ʚ...(Yummy) Moon Princess Ring - Purple/Yellow
ʚ....trinket. bicycle bracelet - rose gold (thicker)
ʚ...ROOST - Let's Play City Wardrobe RARE (Backdrop for all photos)

ʚ.ɞ       ʚ.ɞ       ʚ.ɞ       ʚ.ɞ       ʚ.ɞ       ʚ.ɞ

ʚ...~Tableau Vivant~ Writer Hair - Braid - Dark Browns
ʚ...Turducken ToddleeDoo  - Bainsley Outfit - Pink (coming soon)

ʚ...~Tableau Vivant~ Writer Hair - Braid - Dark Browns
ʚ...~Tableau Vivant~ Writer Accessory - Fitzgerald - Day
ʚ...Turducken ToddleeDoo  - Mikah Outfit - Blue (coming soon)

ʚ...~Tableau Vivant~ Writer Hair - Braid - Dark Browns
ʚ...~Tableau Vivant~ Writer Accessory - Nabokov - White
ʚ...Turducken ToddleeDoo  - Rey Dress - Mint (coming soon)

I hope your week is bright and fun! Happy shopping fashionistas and until next time!
xo, Riles....


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