Thursday, September 4, 2014


We're here! I'm so so excited for this particular blog because it's the 100th blog! A lot hard work has gone into Petits Ckhoux by not just my self but a few others along the way! We're just under 13,000 views in under a year and to me that's simply amazing and lovely! SO, what I did for this blog is different from most blogs I've done and took quite a bit of coordinating and some help from some amazing and very patient friends- I chose two shows! One I was watching quite a long time ago around this time, and another big favourite that a looot of people love and staged 'little versions' of the characters- just for fun! 

So here we gooooo.....


Who didn't watch Saved By The Bell?! I loved it so much and to this very day if I see it on TV I still watch it. I grabbed my seastar (who was a total trooper), Gemma & 3 boys; Gaston, Charlie and Noach, and we all picked out characters and dressed up and this was the result! You'll see items from Little Closet, Boogers, Just Kidding, Des Lunes, Boom and more when you check out the lengthy credits!


This second show is obviously Orange Is The New Black. HUGE thank you to Gemma, Jordyn, Sophie, Tess, Payton and Abby and another big thank you to Turducken for having these jumpsuits. I love this picture and it was so SO much fun to shoot. All of these girls showed up ready and looking perfect and they each look like their character that they chose! Take a guess, and see if you can figure out who is who!
The standing poses are from .click. and the sitting pose and the signs are actually from Puddle Jumpers and I recommend you pick up the whole pose set because its pretty darn fun. The 
amazing bears that are just so perfect for this are from Boogers!


That's it short and sweet, but it was so much fun to do. Thank you guys again for reading and liking photos on flicker and the amazingly sweet IMs. I love loove blogging and it makes me so so happy knowing that you are all enjoying this blog as much as I am!

ʚ.Saved By The Bell

ʚ...Turducken Toddledoo - Farrah Outfit - Peach - sandals
ʚ...Izzie's - Hair Tie Bracelet - brown (R)
ʚ...TRUTH HAIR - Quinn - LightBrowns02
ʚ...Minuet - Flare Jeans - Stonewash - KID
ʚ....S&S. Summer Shirt - Triangles [TD KID]

ʚ...* S O R G O - SAWN Black (G)
ʚ...*ARGRACE* TAKUMI - Ebony
ʚ...Little Closet - Baggy Shorts - Coal - BABY
ʚ...Little Closet - Loose Suspender Shirt - Plain/Dust - BABY[
ʚ...Made With Love] Batman Sneakers 
ʚ...Noodles - RFL Summer 2014 Wristband

ʚ...[LeLutka]-BLYTHE hair/Dark Brunette
ʚ...Little Closet - High Waisted Shorts
ʚ...Little Closet - Half Tucked Tee - Fawn - Boxed

ʚ... Petite Boytique - Robot Outfit (Green Robot Tank)
ʚ...Razzberry Inc - Gamer Fit
ʚ...[SKTD] Toddleedoo Robot Slip On Chanclas 
ʚ...jk: Cute Paci's Gatcha - Pirate
ʚ...*ARGRACE* Noah - Dark Brown

ʚ....dl. // High Waist Shorts (Baby Blue)
ʚ...[ 69 ] MIMI 02 - Noir Collection

ʚ...Burley (Dimitri L_Blonde04)
                       [LBM] Lil Pest Outfit

ʚ...<:*BoOgErS*:> Wear-A-Bear Hang Tan (Add Me)
ʚ....dl.  // rose backpack
ʚ...*BOOM* My Best Friend Backpack - PANDA - blush RARE
ʚ...*BOOM* My Best Friend Backpack - FOX - arctic 
ʚ...<:*BoOgErS*:> Box Car Ninja RARE


ʚ.Orange Is The New Black

ʚ...tram  C424 hair / brown&black
ʚ...Turducken Toddledoo - Prison Jumpsuit

ʚ....Olive. the Darla Hair
ʚ...PXL Openmouth Pro Baby
ʚ...Turducken Toddledoo - Prison Jumpsuit

ʚ....Ploom. kiera (streaks) - Browns
ʚ...:::LP::: Primi_Gear Handheld - White Rare
ʚ...Turducken Toddledoo - Prison Jumpsuit

ʚ...**Dura-Girl**22(Dark Brown)
 ʚ...Turducken Toddledoo - Prison Jumpsuit
ʚ...Miel. Genius Peepers

ʚ...Turducken Toddledoo- Prison Jumpsuit
ʚ....Olive. the Darla Hair

ʚ....Ploom.Madison - Browns
ʚ...Turducken Toddledoo - Prison Jumpsuit

ʚ.../Wasabi Pills/ Skye Mesh Hair - Rouge
ʚ....tsg. Megane Classic - Royal Blue
ʚ...Turducken Toddledoo - Prison Jumpsuit

ʚ...<:*BoOgErS*:> Crazy Bear RARE
ʚ...<:*BoOgErS*:> Chosen Bear RARE
ʚ...{puddle.jumpers} Time Out Jail

Phew! That's all! I hope you enjoy your amazing weekend and have fun! See you for 101!
xo, Riles....


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