Saturday, January 24, 2015

I go back to December all the time......ɞ

Happy weekend! I have a tiny tiny blog for you today featuring 3 different stores and each item is super perfect!


So to start off, I want to bring your attention to my insanely adorable outfit. It's brand new from Turducken! It was pretty much the entire prompt for this blog too! Those whole outfit you'll be able to get when Woodland Gacha opens up so you'll have to try for each piece but it's soooo soo worth it because it's super cute! I love these sneakers so much and the skirt is really lovely. The colours are great and yea it's super colourful but it's amazingly subtle! I'm sure you noticed my purse, parasol and snuggly bunny too and yes it's all in that machine along with the clips and hair bows and come in three different sets too! Lastly, I have cute little stickers and bandaid  This entire outfit is amaaazingly and the small details are fantastic and really well done!

For my hair! It's the newest hair from ploom! I got a little creative with it and wore an ombre version just to add a little pink to match the rest of my outfit! This hair is super cute! It's a long braided pony that's been wrapped like a little crown around the head and it's really pretty with the clips. It's quick to resize and a total absolute for all of us TDs!

Lastly, my amazingly adorable little beautiful friend! He's new from Mish Mish and I named him Cumberbatch! You can find this little guy at C88 in different colours. I grabbed the adorable one with wings that flutters around in the air! He's been fluttering around for a week! I adoore him!

ʚ..........Turducken Toddleedoo- Harajuku Girl {Full set}
ʚ..........*MishMish* Baby Winged Unicorn - Pink
ʚ...........ploom. Eskimo

That's it! Stay tuned for Part 3 featuring items from LBM, truth and more!
xo, Riles....


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