Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tiny Stroll.........ɞ


Happy Sunday Fashionistas!

I hope your weekend was insanely amazing and fun but went by... not too fast!

I have a short little LOTD for you all today and I'm loving the whole thing!

So for my amazing outfit, it's crazy cute and from Tiptoes! I'm loving how casual it is but different from a lot of the tees I've seen because of beautiful lace detailing around the collar and sleeves. I love the texture it adds! The distressed jeans and shoes are apart of the outfit too.

For my hair it's from Elua again! It's an elegant braid across the hairline with a low, messy long bun! I added a pretty crown too that my momma sent me from Pink Acid! I love it!

That's it! Short and Sweet today!


ʚ............. tiptoes - Brand New Day - Noir
ʚ............+elua+ iola2_Darkbrown pack
ʚ............Pink Acid The Good Witches Crystal Crown - White

That's it, nothing crazy! I hope you have an amazing start to your week!
xo, Riles...


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