Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Santa can you hear me......ɞ

It's Tuesday! That means we are officially 9 days away from Christmas and we are now down to the single digits where days to Christmas is concerned? Are you excited? Because I'm SO excited.

I'm equally as excited for todays' blog because guess what? Turducken is releasing and JUST in time for Christmas. I also have a little tiny blurb suggestion thing at the end of this blog for those of you who are stuck on Christmas gifts, because guess who is done her Christmas shopping? This girl. 

SO Let's get right to it!


For my first outfit it's sort of pieces from two separate releases. But let me start with what's new! These skates. I'm sure there the first thing that has caught your eye, because I was SO excited when I opened the box and found skates. I literally only have one other pair of skates that I love and they're from last year and by Secret Store. But these, these are just perfect. No resizing, no moving around or messing about with them, they are perfect. The best part is they come in a multitude of colours and if you're not into the pastels or are a boy who likes the darker tones there is a boys set too! They're a must have because really, everyone needs a pair of skates and cute ones, make them all the more fun to have! Next up my leggings! Yes knit, patterned leggings and they're great! I love cozy leggings because you can wear them under a dress, or under a pair of shorts...or just like I have them, paired with a cozy jacket! They too (like everything in this release) comes in a bunch of different colours so something for everyone! Thirdly, my mittens and scarf! They too are new and from this wonderful Turducken release. The detailing on these are just something else. The little beads and bows, so perfectly placed just make me appreciate them so much more because the amount of work that must of gone into them, its amazing and you know me and details, I love it so much. For my coat, it's actually two releases old but I thought it was needed for this look and it worked out great, because as girly as I am, I love me a great bomber jacket. I also topped off this look with a hair from Argrace!


For my second look from this Turducken release, it's a little more festive and dressy but fun! I like bright pops of colour in every outfit. It always adds a little something I think in most cases. However, I'd like to turn your attention to this really pretty dress. It's definitely a short, puffy dress and it's so fun. It's a like a little jumper dress to run around in while the holidays are happening! It's not quite as dressy as the other dress coming out with this release but it's definitely a cute Christmas party dress before Christmas or even on Christmas eve! (Now, if you're wanting to see that other dress; I have a second blog planned for it- I just need to do a little more stuff to get that together- like make a pose, so that will have it's own blog within the next day or so). The colours are super pretty too you'll totally find something for you. I really think my favourite part of this entire outfit, are the sleeves. They're this really sheer, dotted lace material and they make this whole dress super unique. I love it! Next I'd like to show you my hair! Now if you've been to Argrace recently you may notice a lot of the hairs coming out have an unrigged option, I'm not sure if this is a new thing or I'm just not that observant but whatever I really really love it because a hair like this is just great for us TDs! I love the wavy pony and the pretty headband, the headband also comes with 3 different hud options you can buy too- they're affordable and a great investment if you're planning on wearing this hear often! I topped this outfit off with shoes form an Adore outfit and and my favourite Cannibelle tights!


ʚ....................Turducken ToddleeDoo - Pearl Mittens & Scarf {White} *Coming Soon*
ʚ....................Turducken ToddleeDoo- Figure Skates {White} *Coming Soon*
ʚ....................Turducken ToddleeDoo - Winter Hearts Tights {Blue} *Coming Soon*
ʚ....................Turducken ToddleeDoo - Akira Jackets {Blue}
ʚ....................*ARGRACE* HARUKA - Dark Browns

ʚ.....................:{Adore}:. Rainbow Dreamer {Shoes Only}
ʚ....................~Cannibelle~ Frankie & Benjy Tights for WowMeh/TD
ʚ....................Turducken ToddleeDoo - Ophelia Dresses {Mint} *Coming Soon*
ʚ....................*ARGRACE* RIN - Dark Brown *NEW*
ʚ....................*ARGRACE* RIN HUD - Stripe patterns  *NEW*


Lastly, that little bit I was mentioning earlier. I found this super helpful while I was looking for things as gifts. There are always those certain few that are just hard to buy for because they have everything (*coughs* mommy, daddy and sissy). Sometimes a great idea are gift cards to favourite stores. A bunch of stores came together and made it super easy to guy gift cards and they're 50% off which makes it that much more better because you can buy more, with less, give an amazing gift set and those receiving it will get a great amount of cool stuff from various stores. Where can you get this all? Right here @ NouveaXmas!

That is all, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the new release coming soon form Turducken! You won't wanna miss it!
xo, Riles......


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