Sunday, February 16, 2014

So let me hold, both your hands, in the holes of my sweater....

Hi everyone! Oh gosh, I'm sooo excited to be blogging again. I'm so sorry it's been a while. It's been crazy but now with the new computer and stuff, I should be able to blog a lot more! It's definitely quieted down a little, so I think we'll be picking it all back up again!

Today's blog is skin specific. Now, ever since I was 'born' on Riley (Born in the sense that Riley's account was made), I've  always worn a Curio skin, at least for a solid 85% of her existence in world. I can probably bet, you have too, or at least know someone who has. I personally have always loved Curio because they always seemed to be softer to me- and they have an almost realistic feel to them. Gala's 'pure' tones which are always makeup-less are always actually makeup-less looking. I find with a lot of other skins, they may be labelled as 'pure' however, they still have an eye-liner, or a lip gloss, or too much blush. I also find that Curio skins have a pinkish undertone too them. It makes it look like there is an actual heart pumping beneath the avatar, in comparison to some other skins that I find are far too yellow or grey. Which is always why I find myself going back to Curio!

Recently, Curio released 3 NEW skins. I was sooo soo excited when they were announced- and of course, all three skins have a makeup-less looking version. For Curio, the makeup-less looking version is Makeup 1. I have two of my favorites for you today! Ember and Penelope.

** Okay, so a few things before you actually look at the photos below. They're not the most amazing things ever, a lot of my brushes and filters and such are on the old computer so I'm slowly gaining those back- so the two samples below aren't all that stellar. ALSO, I do realize that the darker tones do not match my body, I wear a mesh toddleedoo body and it took me forever to match the body to the shade I use, plus I figured you'd be mainly looking at the face anyway! Lastly, I am wearing my tattoo layers that make Riley 'Riley' so, the nose and flushed cheeks are actually not part of the skin or the moles or lashes, I will however link in the LOTD as to how you can get them too!**


This is the first skin! Ember. I am wearing the 7 different skin tones that Curio offers. The first 6 all come with 4 different eyebrow options - Brunette, Blonde, Ginger and Black. The 7th, Eclipse, comes with only a Black brow option! I originally was actually wearing this skin in the tone that suites Riley- up until last week. The lips are a little redder, but they're naturally red looking and she looked like a little Snow White! It's really soft and gentle and really pretty! If you're looking for something a little softer then you may want to go with the Penelope....

This is the Penelope. The eyebrow options are exactly the same as the Ember. I love loooove this skin option for kids. Both are wonderful though. The lips on this basic make-up set are pinker, and very natural looking. I really like the under tone on both skins to be honest- they look almost real.

So if you're in the market for a new skin, definitely take a look at Curio! You may have to tweak your shape a little since each skin sits on a shape differently- so keep that in mind! (The best way to do that is make a copy of your shape, and play with the shape a little when you have the skin on. You will find something you like!)


Today's look its just below and as promised, I will include the tattoo layers that I used with the Curio skins way up above!

Curio- :GP: Pearl-Ember-Makeup 1-Brunette
[PXL] OpenMouth Pro v2.0
IKON Promise Eyes - Denim
the kid company. lashes. natural.
the kid company. tattoo flush.
Glam Affair- Moles
[LOVE SOUL] Hair*145*Bitter Brown
TRUTH HAIR Gretchen -  browns   (From Ember Skin samples)

Noodles - Fairy Tale Mystery One RARE
Turducken ToddleeDoo - Unicorn Hoody - Blue
Turducken ToddleeDoo - Unicorn Hoody - White

.trinket. deer silhouette ring - rose gold rare
.trinket. bunny silhouette ring - mixed metals
Turducken - Cutie Earrings - Crown

And there you go <3 I hope this helped you in some form or another! Happy Shopping!

xoxo, Riley Sapphire


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