Friday, July 25, 2014

All these illusions just take us too long....ɞ

Happy Friday! As promised, I did a decor post! I haven't been doing these often but I'm definitely making a point to do them more because I loooved doing this one so so much!  
Now, follow me below....

So like all my rooms, this is a combination of everything in my inventory and a few things form recent events! I'm a huge believer in your space reflecting you and who YOU are and all my spaces definitely do- And anyone who knows me, knows I'm a HUGE fan of clutter. I like my space feeling lived in and awesome! So I'm highlighting just a few things that I wanted to show you, but I'll have everything credited at the end!

So above, I have my friend bear Bearlessi by Boogers and we're having tea with the new Boogers & Cooties plates that are out for Fifty Linden Friday! I actually love these plates! I like that they're for kids and so so cute! We're also have some tea and macaroons with cakepops! The cake pops by Imeka I got at the Dream Factory, which you ALL need to go to! The sim is just spectacular and the items are SO cute! Quite a few pieces from my room are from there like my C'est la vie Teddy Lambs, my MotiAme Unhappy Plushie, my adorable 8f8 Vintage birds, 2pm summer hat and on my manniquinn and lastly my MishMish Candy Fluffz! All the items are dreamy and fluffy and just adorable!

I'm sure you noticed my new friend in my room! That's Cloudy, my new pet deer, momma and daddy don't know yet, but she's clean and only some times eats my books if I don't put them away but she's so soft and I love her and from Half Deer!

My room as a few super special pieces in it, like my blue lamb on my bed from Half deer. She's special because when my wonderful parents asked me to trial with them, she was there to ask me too. She's always out and she protects me when I sleep. I love her so much and she means so much to me, just like my family! The two little stamps on my wall are also from my momma and I love them. I move them around a lot but I always have them with me!


I want to put a little focus on this bed. It's from Mudhoney and it's for KIDS! All the poses are fit for us and the quality of the bed is amazing. I really like that when I sleep my princess comforter comes up so I even sleep as a princess too! There are other versions of this bed too so if you're not girly like me, you can have a different version! They're definitely must haves!

I'm sure you noticed my stool too. It's my making the bed stool, so I put my Sad Panda from Boogers on it- he's going in the bath tub next, because the bath tub makes me sad! 

All these pieces are from multiple events, stores and even gifts but they all are special enough for me to have out! I hope this has helped you all in come capacity whether it's remembering that you have these items and want them out, or showed you a new store, or even reminds you to visit an event- I hope you got something from this!


ʚ.Here it all is
Little Closet - Half Tucked Tee - Fawn
Little Closet - High Waisted Shorts - Peach
Little Closet - Boho Sandals - Cream
.Olive. the Darla Hair

MudHoney Penelope Bed (kids) - Princess
+Half-Deer+ Silk and Pearls Chair - Blush
+Half-Deer+ Cuddly Tissue Box - Heart
+Half-Deer+ Lovely Things Shelf - Light Dotted
+Half-Deer+ Dreary Bears - Winter
+Half-Deer+ Kerfluffle Sheep - Mr. Bubbles
+Half-Deer+ Kerfluffle Sheep - Blossom
+Half-Deer+ Resting Deer - Natural (Animated)
!Ohmai: Tulip Fairy Terrarium
!Ohmai: Dandelion Fairy Terrarium
!Ohmai: Bumble Bee Fairy Terrarium
!Ohmai: Lady Bug Fairy Terrarium
!Ohmai: Bumble Bee Fairy Terrarium Container
8f8 - Vintage Birds II - Miss Peach
8f8 - Vintage Birds II - Miss Freckle
8f8 - Vintage Birds II - Mister Heart
8f8 - Vintage Birds II - Mister Shy
floorplan. spring prints
floorplan.  eiffel tower marquee
floorplan. sleepover tent gacha / vintage
Macaron. Sailboat Bow Silhouette Red Stripes
~silentsparrow~ Deer (Somber) Forest  Elemen-tails!
~silentsparrow~ Weasel (Magic) Wind Elemen-tails! RARE
~silentsparrow~ Foxy (Ember) Fire Elemen-tails!
:CP: & PILOT Garden Party Canopy
Noodles - Books to Wonderland
Noodles - Midnight Coach Candle Rose Gold
[Commoner] Monogram Throw Pillow / R
*MishMish* Candy Fluffz - Creme
*MishMish* Candy Fluffz - Purkle
The Secret Store - Cloud Mobile - Pink Hearts
Cozy ~*Zoey Collection*~ Tissue Box (Pretty in Pink)
Kalopsia - Cloud Rug
<:*BoOgErS*:> MakeUp Sale Bear
<:*BoOgErS*:> Bearleesi RARE
<:*BoOgErS*:> Sad Panda Black
<:*BoOgErS*:> Piggy Dinnerware Decor
~_* Cooties *_~ Bunny Dinnerware Decor
::C'est la vie !:: Teddy Lamb(brown/dressup)mesh-RARE
::C'est la vie !:: Teddy Lamb(black/dressup)mesh-RARE
{Pipo} Little Peter's Tea Set
-tb- Tea Time - Tray of Macarons
-tb- Vanity - Nail Polishes
{Imeka} Candy Balls Light Pink
O.M.E.N. - Fairytales - Alice
O.M.E.N. - Fairytales - Snow Whit
O.M.E.N. - Fairytales - Little Mermaid
::{u.f.o}::my grandma made for me - shipa1
::{u.f.o}::Swan Lake, Act1 - mannequin with clothes
::{u.f.o}::Swan Lake, Act1 - swan bag pink
2PM. summer hat / mint
Oh la la! :: hanging pattern book:: A
Oh la la! :: A stool - pink :: C
[MotiAme] Unhappy Plushie - Chocolate RARE
The Loft - Alda Kids Dresser White
The Loft - Alda Kids Lamp Pastel
The Loft - Alda Kids Alarm Clock Green
The Loft - Alda Kids Daisies
*. emm ; giraffe family love <3

That's all, I hope your weekend is amazing and SO much fun! Love ya and have a sparkly night!
xo, Riles...


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