Monday, July 28, 2014

Love is all you need.....ɞ

Happy new week! I hope your weekend was so so pretty and wonderful! I have a very small LOTD for you! Something small I wanted to whip up since I was in the mood for blogging!


First of all I'm suuure you noticed my duper cute hair! It's one I've been wanting to show you too! It's by Clawtooth and from Hair Fair! I love Clawtooth, especially on my big and I was SO happy when I purchased this one and it FIT! I love the textures and I love how summery and messy it is, and so so easy to resize! Its a total must have!

Another cute must have is this outfit from Lil' Dinos & Lullaby! It's a unisex set too. The shorts could be worn alone for boys and girls, there is an added little swimming tank! The goggles can be bought too with it! This entire set and the goggles will be out at All The Little Things for the August round and it's great for the beach or just hanging out by the water!


ʚ.The Look
Clawtooth: Cherry Bomb
<LiL DiNo's> Princess Swim Goggles
<LiL DiNo's> Summer Beach Shorts - Teal
Lullaby. Swim Tops Teal (for Lil Dinos) - BABY

That's all, short and sweet for today! Tune in tomorrow for summery another LOTD!
Have an amazing one!
xo, Riles......


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