Friday, July 11, 2014

Thank the Lord I am here and now, here and now.....ɞ

Happy Friday night/Saturday! I hope your week was amazing! It's been busy of course since camp is literally RIGHT around the corner! I have a pretty heavy blog today, featuring TWO awesome happenings! Hair Fair and Camp! What I've done, is put together looks at camp that I'd personally use (I'll be going on my adult of course) and I featured a hair fair with each outfit too! I really hope you find this super helpful- I went to Hair Fair specifically to find super cute hairs that us as TDs can actually wear and get use from!!

*Note ALL hair fair SLURLS will drop you right in front of that store's stall. I'll be changing out the slurls to the Mainstore's after the fair is ended*

Time to dive in!


This first look is my favourite. I saw this hair on flickr a day ago and I literally flailed. I love looooooove this hair and best part about it, is you can walk around with it and it STILL works because the birdy's wings flap! It's from Ohmai and this does work for us TDs! The bird cage is also from there, it's a gift! For my adorable dress, I have on a dress by Two By Sea! This dress is just so perfect and I love it for a formal beachy look, like a dance! You can find this awesome dress at the Camp Store!

ʚ.This Look
!Ohmai Salon: Newreem
[TbS] Harlow Dress "Tropical"
!Ohmai: HF2014 Tweeter Companions (Sml)


For this second look! I have two pieces from Minuet! Both are insanely cute and I love looove this perfect top. It's definitely a run to dinner kind of outfit, casual but totally cute! I really like this jean shorts too and you can probably wear them under your camp top! For my amazing hair, it's from Lelutka! I really like the decal, and it's cute casually like this or with a more formal dress.

ʚ.This Look
[LeLutka]-FRANCINE hair/Dark Brunette
Minuet - Denim Belted Shorts- Dark - BABY
Minuet - Kate Top -  Birds  & Chevron - BABY


For my water look, another set from Minuet! A really lovely nautical, frilly two piece. Make sure you pack your bathing suit- you'll probably need one! Pack multiple even! For my hair, it's by Olive! AND it's rigged! Yep, rigged for us TDs! Loooove it so much and the headband is insanely cute and colour change!!

ʚ.This Look
.Olive. the Darla Hair
Minuet - Hearts & Dots - Bikini


My next look, top and bottom are from Little Closet! I really like those, because it's unisex and it comes in unisex options, which is really really important I think! I really like the detailing. For my adorable hair, it's from Tulip! Easy to resize too, and we all need short hair for that heat sometimes. The outfit, I'd proooobably find myself wearing this whole ensemble it to maybe a concert.... or even something fun like a dinner!

ʚ.This Look
tulip. Kara - Darks
Little Closet - Loose Suspender Shirt - Plain/Pink
Little Closet - Baggy Shorts - Peach


This hair is from Ploom. I just adore it! The bow detailing, the really pretty, colour change headband. I've coupled it with a dress from Snips and Snails! A very pretty tropical dress that is perfect to have on while at camp. I'd totally wear this walking around or even going to the beach! These dresses are a must have, for sure.

ʚ.This Look
.ploom. Honey - Browns
.S&S. Summer Dress - Fruit Punch


For my Cabin War look, I have on a jumper from Olive! I wore the pink to represent the boys a little bit! The jumper is PERFECT cabin war gear! It will allow you to lag through the sim effortlessly (I'm kidding!) but really, it's adorable and there are capes and war paint you can get too! For my casual look, I wore an outfit from Made With Love! As you can see, I love nautical anything! So this outfit just spoke to me. I love the soft colours and how cute it all looks. This is another run around camp outfit, for sure. It'll be easy to take part in those awesome events! For my hairs they're both from Amacci! I think they are just the cutest things. They offer it in versions with the bows and without. Awesome camp hair, it'll stay out of your face and you'll look adorable too!

ʚ.These Looks
Amacci Hair - Coco - Brown Pack
a.lil olive. Cabins at Wars Leotard - Cabin 1
Amacci Hair - Greta - Brown Pack
[Made With Love] Blue Waters Outfit


For my last look, my night time look! I have on the footie jammies from Just Kidding! They come in a bunch of different colours and they're soo cozy looking! This is a definitely must, because it may be warm during the day, but when you're by that water at night, it'll be chilly! For my hair it's from Blues! It's a super messy bun to keep your hair from getting tangled during sleep time! I reallly love it!

ʚ.This Look
Blues. Annie
jk: Footsie Jammies- Mint
*Tentacio* Num Num sweet bag cookie

*Hair Fair opens on July 12th @ 12pm SLT*


That's it! Make sure you check out the CHK Camp Store, pretty much everything you see here, will be there! Also, make sure you check out HAIR FAIR before camp! You neeed all these!! I hope your week is wonderful and amazing and I hope your memories are the fondest!

xo, Riles....


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