Thursday, July 24, 2014

I know you get me, so I let my walls come down....ɞ

Happy Thursday! I'm back from camp and I hope you had the mos spectacular week ever! I know I did <3 So i have a small blog today, 2 outfits, 2 hairs and a cute set I've been meaning to blog for a bit now! Check it out....


So Pita Pocket put out this adorable little cottage/playhouse set not long ago! It's an insanely cute set and if you know me, then you know I'm all about the flowers and the pastels and the pretty. I have a thing for all things pretty. That's exactly what this cottage is. So, it is a gacha and you can collect all the pieces, which I have here....

So this is the insane of the cute little place. I absolutely adore the hanging purses, they're just so perfect and the wall around behind the table is equally as perfect, it's actually something I'm wanting to put on my bedroom wall! I love what ti stands for and I love birds.

To the left of it all, there is actually a ladder you can go up with a cute little loft area and it has a cute little sleeping area!


.....and here I am! Like my outfit? It's from Little Big Me and it's just perfect. I love how floral it is, and soft and just really pretty and it has little shorts under it! The headband comes with it! Both sets (the outfit and the cottage) are absolute must haves this summer! Go grab them!


For my final look I have on one of Minuet's Limited 50 outfits! I like how this is something I'd see MOST girls actually wearing. I'm big on realism! It's one of two outfits that came in the pack, I hope you gt one too!

For my hairs today, they're from Elikatira! The first one is from an older release but we can wear it! This second one is a brand new one AND I snuck in yesterday and hairs were on sale- the stores 9th birthday happened! I hope it's going on still so you can grab your copies of YOUR favourite hairs too! Hurry! Go grab them fast!

ʚ.Look #1
[e] Malia - Brunettes
{Lil Big Me} Payton Outfit
:Curio: Ember-Makeup 1-Pearl
{PiPo} Little Sweet Pea Cottage & Acessories

ʚ.Look #2
[e] Bevin - Essentials
Minuet - Valerie Dress Limited 50
Turducken- Sassy Shoes
:Curio: Ember-Makeup 1-Pearl

That's it! I'm having a Darren Criss kind of day so I'm going to leave you with the ever so talented Darren! I hope you found what you needed and I hope this blogged helped! I'll be working on my second decor post ever- so stayed tuned!
xo, Riles.....ɞ


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