Saturday, June 6, 2015

Come here baby darlin'..............ɞ


Happy Saturday!

I have the final Arcade themed blog today! It's going to be a short one too! I've had so much fun doing these this round actually, because there have been so many insanely cute pieces that went out and they inspired so many great ideas, I just loved it!

So for this final look, I have the Atomic had to show case! Atomic put out these perfect little animal hoods that I just adored (I'm still in search for the RARE sheep!). I grabbed the bear one for this one look because it matched my overall set! These hoods are great because they're not only cute and look super fuzzy, but I'd imagine that in the winter they're going to look SO amazing with a puffy white jacket! I'm stoked for winter now, and it won't be the last you've seen of these either!

For my overall set, it's brand new from Petite Bowtique! It comes in a few different colours too, but of course I'm wearing pink and white to match my hair and hat! I just looove these overalls, I'm about to wear another colour in world right now! It's the best play suit I think!

To complete this look (which was taken in my bedroom), I have on my Magika pink hair which i had to edit to fit with my hat, my Intrigue puppy from a past round of Arcade, my baby breath flowers from Dream, my Half-Deer deer cuddled up behind me and my favourite rocking chair from Vespertine! And that's it!


ʚ.The Look
ʚ............{Petite Bowtique} Summer Cheeks @Hello Beautiful
ʚ............{Petite Bowtique} Nahla Outfit {Pink Dot}
ʚ.............Atomic. {Gacha} Critter Hoods - Bear (White)  @Arcade
ʚ............Magika [02] Beans {Edited to fit hat}

ʚ............Intrigue Co. - Plushie Pals: Waldo the Corgi: RARE
ʚ............+Half-Deer+ Sleeping Deer Fawn - Blush
ʚ............{vespertine- sleepy rocking chair./ fawn}

That's it! I hope you enjoy your weekend, I'll see you tomorrow for a beachy blog featuring amazing items from Click and Dream!
xo, Riles....


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