Monday, June 9, 2014

A long time ago, we used to be friends....ɞ


Happy Monday! I have a super tiny little blog for you guys. Just Kidding came out with these new bathing suits! They're not mesh, but layered which is kind of refreshing, since I find a lot of the swim stuff coming out is looking slightly the same. They're super cute! These come in one piece or two pieces as well and they're high-wasted which I love! The detailing is so cute on it and it's very simple and child like!

For my hair, it's from Ploom. Now, yes this is a rigged mesh hair and no, it's not rigged for TDs. However, what I did notice is that it works for the most part, if you notice, there is a bit of a kink in the middle of of the pony tails- but it just adds to the wavy hair in the hair. I wouldn't rush out and buy it without demoing, always demo, however it can work so I definitely say try it out, because it is insanely cute and I really love it! What I've noticed is that most rigged mes hairs don't work, however, every so often, some actually can work. This is the second rigged mesh Ploom hair that I found can work with our bodies, the second I plan on blogging for you this week, as soon as I pair a look with it! The moral of this story is, TRY you never ever know.

For my goggles and little friend. It's from Arcade and by The Secret Store. The seahorse is ADORABLE. It moves and it's tail stretches out and retracts and it just hangs out there! And my goggles, which I've blogged before are ALSO adorable!

That's it! Short and sweet and I hope it helped! For specifics, check below!


ʚ.The Look
.ploom. Shawna (large) - Ploomage

ʚ.Clothing & Accessories
jk: Summer Swimsuit (One Piece) - Cloudy
The Secret Store - Sea Adventures - Pink Goggles
The Secret Store - Sea Adventures - Molly the Seahorse
Turducken ToddleeDoo - Vicci Swimsuit - White - Floaties

That's all, I hope your evening and Tuesday is absolutely amazing. Have a great one!

xo, Riles....

(I've been binge watching Veronica Mars lately! Watch it? What do you think?)


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