Monday, June 16, 2014

No regrets, just love.....ɞ


Happy Monday! I have a blog for you mostly about cute hairs and outfits, but mostly about 3 new perfect hairs! They're adorable! Ah!

So here is our first look! The hair, I'm sure you noticed it right away because it's A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. Adorable. Is from Truth. It's called Oceana and found at Collab88! The best part, like 3 hairs here today, is that it's unrigged and easily mod-able! The cute little ribbon is colour/texture change too, so we can match it to about anything! For my insanely cute outfit- which I found while muddling around on market place, it's from a store I have never shopped at called Gucci Goo. There isn't a whole lot yet, but a lot of the pieces are so so cute. Make sure you check them out! Lastly, for my amazing shoes, they're from Turnips! Do you see these flats? These amazing bunny flats? Yea, perfect right? They're so cute and perfect and I wish sooo much that there were other animals too! It's a must have for every closet!


For this second look, my super long hair is from Ploom! It's a new release too! It's unrigged and sooo easy to fit. I love how long and pretty it is. It's also the PERFECT Rapunzel hair! I love how fun it is. I really hope that the unrigged hairs keep coming! Regardless of their length! For my outfit, the top is from Limited 50- one of the 4 Minuet tops that are in a 4 for 1 pack there! For my leggings, you can't see them all too well but they're form Cannibelle for the Seraphim Social! They're actually adorable and come in 6 different colours!

If you're wondering, the entire ice cream stand behind me and props are all from the 8f8 set at the Arcade!


For this third look, I'm wearing an older outfit that I've had for a while, but I love this new hair with it. The outfit is from Baby Pie and simply adorable! I love how beautiful the dress is, so much. The hair, which i think is just a gorgeous hair. It was so easy to resize and fit. The curls are just perfect and the braid is wonderful. It's a complete must have and just came out a day ago- from Truth! It's an absolute must have. You need to go grab one for yourself

...Well... What are you waiting for? Go grab it! Go go!

That's it! As usual, everything is below!


TRUTH HAIR Oceana -  browns
Turnips. Bunny shoes
{ GG } *Beau* - Toddleedoo

.ploom. Carmen
Minuet - Abby Antler Ruffle Top
~Cannibelle~ Whimsical Garden Tights
Minuet - Coral - Belted Shorts

*Baby Pie* Beckley Toddleedoo Complete Outfit
8f8- IceDreams Set

ʚ.Events Mentioned

That's all! I hope your day is wonderful and beautiful. Have an amazing one!

xo, Riles...


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