Thursday, June 5, 2014

Still stuck in that time....ɞ

Happy Thursday! Ah Friday is so insanely close- I can taste it! You know what else I can taste? This tasty star shaped watermelon slice! It's the yummiest. This whole pose set is adorable! It's by Little Smartie Pants! The set comes with 5 eating watermelon poses and the watermelon stars with it! They're perfect for the summer. You can find this pose st at The Family Flea Market! Another set you can find at The Family Flea Market is my overall set! The overalls are insanely adorable, they come in baby and kid sized as well as 2 shirts, one with sunflowers and another (the one I have on) with dots! You neeeeeed to have these and the overalls and pretty much unisex! The overall set is from Des Lunes which by the way you should keep your eye on, some pretty cute things are coming out of that store lately. Reminder! The Family Flea Market opened today! Make sure you check it out!

Moving back to The Arcade a little, my hair is from Truth! It's the second hair you can acquire from the truth machine there! It's the two sided buns! They come with flowers and little bears that sit in them! So cute! Moving south, my shows! They're by That's So Kyoot and they are exactly that kyoot! I'm wearing one of many you can get from that Machine and the machine you can find at the Woodland Gacha event! I really like oxford shoes and they're a must have for any closet.

Lastly, my lemonade. I adored this when I saw it at the Arcade. It's a mason jar of lemonade and there are other flavors and colours too! It's amazing for decor or to have when hanging out with family. They're so lovely and they have a chocolate milk and a white milk version too! They're by VCO!

That's it, super small today but something maybe to get you in a summery mood if you aren't already!


ʚ.Up above
TRUTH HAIR Sakura [Browns / Teal Bears]

ʚ.Clothing & Extras
.dl. // Light Denim Overalls [baby.]
That's So {Kyoot} - Vintage Shoes 08
{LSP} Watermelon Eatin' Pose Set
VCO - Happy summer picnic ( lemon Aid)

ʚ.Events Mentioned

That's it! I hope your evening is wonderful and fun and that this helped you! Even a tiny bit. Have an amazing one!
xo, Riles...


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