Saturday, February 7, 2015

I'll be coming for your love, okay.......ɞ

Happy weekend! I'm so so excited to bring you part 2 of the last blog I did. Just throwing in two new outfits from Turducken and some of the beautiful pieces that Windsong has put out for the new round of The Neighborhood


So for my last blog I put in a photo with this exact dress from Turducken's new release but it was a pretty far off view so I came back and took this shot so you could see the insanely pretty detailing in the skirt and at the from of this beautiful dress. I am really all about the detailing under the collar and the soft buttons because i think it just brings the entire dress together. I just love it and I love that it could be perfect for Valentines day!

For my decor, both pieces are from Windsong! The pretty hearts are the pastel ones you could get at the event but they come in a darker version too if you're looking for something not so soft. And look at this pretty this photo frame, which is going in my room because I just loooove the shabby, pretty print behind the lettering. These pieces are great for V-day decor or just pretty pieces for your bedroom!


For this second outfit from the release, comes in a bunch of different colours, obviously I have the purple on! It comes with a bunch of pieces, socks, leg warmers and shoes which I looove these shoes. The skirt and the sweater are insanely adorable and it has a faint little kitty on it it too! It comes with a collar that I have on, but that's optional and it's just as cute without it. It's more of a cooler weather outfit, but I really liked it against these spring flowers! I love loove this whole outfit.


ʚ........Turducken ToddleeDoo - Lolah Outfit - Pink
ʚ........Turducken ToddleeDoo - Mishi Jumper - Red *Shoes Only*
ʚ........TRUTH HAIR Vixen -  browns
ʚ........*windsong. ; paper hearts { pastels }
ʚ........*windsong. ; raggedy love wall decor

ʚ........Turducken ToddleeDoo - Ankit Outfit - Purple
ʚ........TRUTH HAIR Demelza -  browns

That's it! I hope your weekend is insanely lovely and relaxing and I'll see you this week! Don't forget to pick up this amazing and entire release when you get the chance, you'll love it!

xo, Riles...


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