Thursday, February 12, 2015

You've been bitten by a Lovebug.......ɞ

Happy Thursday! Friday is SOOOOO close!
Valentines Day is JUST around the corner and I love love this holiday so much! I definitely believe that love should be shared ad celebrated everyday, but it's so fun to have a special day that's literally all about showing your love ones/one how much you love them!

So today I'm going to be a lovebug and I'll show you how you can too! 


Is this not THE cutest Valentines Day outfit ever? It's the Lovebug outfit from tiptoes! I looove it and I spied it while I was looking for my special V-day dress for tomorrow. I love the antenae aand the pretty tutu and the wand- I really just love it all and it's the cutest valentines day outfit I've seen so far!

For my hair, I know you haven't seen it on me before. it's actually an older Ploom hair I came across while I was shopping actually. It's so so perfect for us TDs and I love the little fluff tails! I've pretty much been wearing it non stop!

That's kind of it, a tiny LOTD for today, something red and bright in anticipation of Heart Day!

ʚ..................ploom. Isa - Browns
ʚ.................. tiptoes - Love Bug
ʚ.................[AMITOMO]Sassy Tone2
ʚ.................**Cute Bytes** Bubbly Pierced Ears

That's it! I really hope your day and heart day is all kinds of amazing and please please make sure you tell those you love them, how you truly feel. If you can't do it on a regular day, do it on the day of love!
xo, Riles.....


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