Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Time after time......ɞ


Happy mid-week day! I love so much that it's Wednesday and that means it's almost Friday! 

So today I have a single look for you, but don't be fooled by the simplicity of one photo. I actually want to introduce two new stores to you all. One is fairly old-ish; they have been around for a bit, however I was contacted by them recently and sent a few samples of their items and I just kinda really love everything I got! Soo I have one of their beautiful outfits today! 

The other is more along the lines of skin and shape and they are fairly new and after talking with the creator a little, I really wanted to kind of show you guys this store as well!

So with my shape and skin; both are new and from the same place. The new shop is called LPP which stands for Les Petites Poupees! I've seen that name around at I think one recent event, but it's a name that everyone to be seeing soon on the regular. Credit goes to Ivy owner of Turducken for bringing attention this store. The creator used to own an adult skin store and has only recently made the switch to our little community and loving it, it seems! As for now it looks like the skin/shape combo is the only one available in two tones; Milky and Vanilla but I'm super excited to see what's next! She also does outfits and face tattoos and it's pretty inexpensive for the quality of work for sure! I really like this skin as well, I have mine dolled up a little with a flushed/freckled layer from Turducken and lashes but you get the gist of the skin. The detailing is pretty and soft and really really gentle, which is basically what we're all looking for right now in a skin! I really hope she does a lot more skins and shapes with more variety in tones! I'm excited to see what comes out from this store next!! Also, if you are currently wearing the Cute Bytes mesh head, this skin does some with an applicator hud and it does work for those heads and it looks pretty cute!

For my insanely adorable skirt and sweater combo it's also from a new store FLRN Baby. I really love the bright colours that this dress set comes in. There are 6 different designs and colours and it's all controlled by a HUD. So you can grab it in fatpack form or separately. The detailing is great and it's all bright and pretty and really girly! This is definitely a store that I think everyone should take a look at and check out! It's not a new store, but it's definitely new to me, and I suspect others as well! So take a look, you're sure to find something for you

To finish off this look I'm wearing a super cute headband from Whimey, and this is a something for everyone sort of headband because it comes in different fandom styles! It's a definitely must have! My hair is from Tram and it's actually brown however the light it really nicely and gave me this super pretty sunkissed, dirty blonde hair for this photo!


ʚ................{FLRN Baby's} Mia Dress V1 *featured*
ʚ................tram  C429 hair / brown&black
ʚ................{LPP} Koko TD Skin *Vanilla* & Shape *featured*
ʚ................{LPP} Baby Teeth + Dimples *featured*
ʚ................Wimey: Bowties are cool Headband
ʚ................Turducken ToddleeDoo - Rosey Cheek & Freckles {3}

That's it! I hope your week is insanely amazing, don't forget to check out these two adorable stores, and I will see you quite soon!
xo, Riles...


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