Monday, March 9, 2015

Baby we will rise.......ɞ

Happy Monday!
It's the start of a new week, which means new things to smile about and new, fun memories to have!
I have 2 looks for you today, kind of mash up of a lot of different things so hopefully you'll find something in here that you'll love!

For this first look, it's a few different pieces that I put together from a few different events! My shirt, which is new from La Boutique is by Sugar & Spice is super cute! It's a little frilly crop top that says Wild Child on it and it's really cute! I'm normally not one for crop tops on kids and I only ever wear them with something high-waisted because I don't like showering tooo much of my tummy, since I'm a kid! There is a pretty detail on the back too, it's a low back with a tied bow coming across the open area. I love it! My necklace is also from the event! It's by Kaleidoscope! It's a beautiful necklace with a lovely quote on it, and it's actually one of my favourite sayings; 'Not all who wander are lost.' It's a really meaningful piece I think. crown, it's from Minuet. Minuet also has an outfit out at La Boutique so make sure you check out the cute hoodies she has out there! But this crown! I love flowers and crowns and this is a gacha so there are a few different colours and then a few metal versions if you're looking for something less nature and more regal. You can find these beautiful gems at Woodland Gacha this month!

For my last little detail, my hair! It's new from C88 and by Tableau! It's a really pretty hair and it has a really cool almost tousled/frizz detail to it, which I like! It photographs really well and as kids, 99% of the time, our hair wouldn't ever be perfect! The best part is, it's a super fast edit to make it fit!

Lastly, I topped this look off with shorts from Little Closet and Sandals from Baby Couture!


Okay so. Mommy & Daddy this morning that if I did not do my chores, I'd have to wear a demo outfit until I do- and that they'd tp me around to SO many places. Which if you know me.... NOT a fan. So I sighed and stomped my way up to my room to beginning cleaning. This is a reallll thing boys and girls. My amazing mommy has a chore bored from Gigglebox that gives us a star for each chore we do. So she knows if our chores are not done. Blasphemy right? Toootal sorcery. I did mine, because I'd rather take a bath then walk around in public with the words DEMO all over me. 

I donned my Lazy Unicorn sweater- that is super brand new and insanely cute, my Minuet sparkly boots that are amazing and I got cleaning.


And now that those chores are done, you can see my outfit! I love doughnuts. SO much. Can't eat them anymore, because they make my stomach protest something scary, but I LOVE them, hence the amazing sweater from Lazy Unicorn, which is a newer and super cool store that you all need to check out. I know you'll be seeing a lot more from them here too! My boots are also new and from Minuet and you can get them at The Play Room this month! There are a bunch of different colours too because it's in Gacha form! Also from Minuet, my beautiful chalkboard quote. It's soo pretty and staying out in my room too. The super pretty table stand I have here is by windsong! It's such a a pretty piece and comes in pastels and woods! These adorable pieces are for The Neighborhood

Lastly, my hair! It's again from Tableau! It's also new and from Shiny Shabby! Like the last one, it's so cute and super easy for us to edit! A total must have for all TD girls!


ʚ...........{S&S} Wild Spirit
ʚ...........Kaleidoscope - Wanderer Necklace
ʚ...........bC - Journey Brown Sandals
ʚ...........Little Closet - High Waisted Shorts - Coal
ʚ...........~Tableau Vivant~ Sherilyn - [Frizzy chic] - Naturals II
ʚ...........Minuet - Flower Crown - White

ʚ...........Lazy Unicorn- Donut Sweater
ʚ...........~Tableau Vivant~ Shabby hair - Naturals II
ʚ...........Minuet  - Cozy Boots - Silver Sparkle - RARE
ʚ...........Turducken ToddleeDoo - Toeless Tights - Pink

ʚ...........*windsong. ; night table w. books { pastels }
ʚ...........Minuet - Chalk Board - Talk to the moon
ʚ...........<:*BoOgErS*:> Shape Sorter
ʚ...........<:*BoOgErS*:> Wagon Blocks
ʚ...........-G[B]R- Choreboard

ʚ...........La Boutique
ʚ...........Shiny Shabby

That's it! I hope your  next few days are super amazing! Make sure to check out all these great events!
xo, Riles.....


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