Friday, March 6, 2015

Look.Book: La Boutique......ɞ

Happy Friday! Always one of my favourite days, usually! 
So La Boutique fiinallllly opened. I mentioned it in a early this week where I blogged Turducken's sheer maxi's. You can find that here!

I went in and gabbed a few other outfits too to share with you all. 4 of which I'll be showing you today in my little Look Book and then one piece I'm saving for a later blog! So let's get started!

For this whole look book I'll be hairs from Analog Dog and D!VA! I really think each hair compliments each outfit!

For my first outfit that you'll be able to find at La Boutique, is a really pretty dress from Little Closet! She hasn't released in a while, but boy were we not let down with this dress! It comes in soft pink and sky blue and the beaded detailing on the upper portion of the dress is just what it needs to give it that extra something! The white collar as well just completes the whole dress. This really pretty piece can be dresses up or down- it can be casual like how I've got it on or it can be dressed up with pretty flats, some nylons and an up-do!


For my second outfit. It's from Ugly Duckling. Not a store I was familiar with, but definitely one I'm excited to be shopping at more often because look at this dress. I believe it came in 5 different colour options and none of the patterns are the same, so you have a lot of variety and it's really a something for every style of girl situation. I chose this one because I wear a lot of pastel, by choice of course but I like that little change every so often and it still has that pastel/delicate feel because of the flowers and the lace. I just kind of really really like the whole set and I'm probably going to run back and grab another 2!


For this next look, I'm going to be focusing on the sweater. It's from a new store called Bun Bun! I love it when stores come out with a few first amazing products because they only tend to go up hill from here. That's the case with this store. There are 8 sweaters in total, 2 colours; pink and sky blue and 4 various patterns in each colour. I kind of fell in love with with this sweater. I adore floral patterns and when it's like this with the statement in the middle of the shirt and then the sleeves matching like this one does. It's just aesthetically so pleasing. The blue one is just as pretty, but I'm in a pink mood as of late. This is definitely a most have from that event. Let's be real, everything in this blog is. Little note. Bun Bun is super new, so they don't have a main store yet, however, I will link their flickr in place of their landmark below so you can keep up to date!


For my final page in this Look Book, I have a Des. Lunes Jumper on! This is great because it can be worn like this or with a shirt under; long or sort sleeved too. I actually originally had a white basic shirt under that would not rez for the life of me, so I pulled it off and I actually like it without. It's a halter style so the back is open. It hs great shading and lines that really make it look worn and then perfect lace detailing on the legs. It comes in 4 colour options and they're varying so if you're more into the pinks, they have a candy option too!

ʚ...........Little Closet - Dolly Dress - Pink *Featured*
ʚ............b -mint  - dark browns
ʚ............trinket. snuggle cloud plushie
ʚ...........Turducken ToddleeDoo - Sassy Outfit - Blue *Shoes*

ʚ...........{ugly duckling} Bohemia Dress [tulips] *Featured*
ʚ...........""D!va"" Hair "Layla" (Brown diamond)
ʚ...........{lma} t-strap flats in snow.

ʚ...........BunBun. Kawaii Sweatshirt {Pink Floral Cat} *Featured*
ʚ...........""D!va"" Hair "Tina" (Brown diamond)
ʚ...........Turducken ToddleeDoo - Toeless Tights - White

ʚ............des lunes. // lace rompers. {Noir} *Featured*
ʚ...........""D!va"" Hair "Mimi" (Brown diamond)
ʚ Bunny - Pink *Shoes*

ʚ..........[SC] Say Cheese - Girly Poses

I really hope this gave some sort of an idea of what's at the event! I have one more piece that will be blogged separately because I had a completely different idea for it so keep your eyes open for that! Make sure you check out La Boutique, it's now open!

Tiny disclaimer. My photos were taken at a sim for this blog, so I am not blogging the background because it's not mine. t's mainly burred out to shift focus to just the looks since there is a lot of pretty happening behind me! If at any point you want to know where things behind me are, feel free to IM me and I'll let you know!

Have an amazing rest of your Friday, thanks for reading and I'm going to leave you a great version of Cool Kids from Glee!
xo, Riles......


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